Million Pillowcases = Million Smiles :)

Welcome to the Laundry Basket Quilts Studio!
As you walk in through the door.

All may seem calm collected and organized.

Quilts are resting.

Fabrics are stashed.

But once you make your way upstairs where I spend most of my time.

It’s busy as usual!

Only 4 weeks to Fall Market and we have many new ideas and fabrics in the works!
But it is also nice to take a break for an opportunity to brighten someone’s day.

American Patchwork & Quilting 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge - I made a difference YOU CAN TOO! Click here to learn more.

Thank you to American Patchwork and Quilting for this wonderful blog hop with a challenge of donating one million pillowcases to local charities. Many charities can benefit from the donation of a pillowcase and the challenge gives the opportunity to make a difference in your community – I love it!

It was so easy to download a pattern from their website for a pillow case (here is the link).

I then choose, cut, and sewed my fabrics to 4 soft pillowcases, it really didn’t take much time at all.  For some reason, I can’t explain, I smiled as I worked.

I couldn’t help but imagine someone snuggling with this gift and smiling.

Maybe this challenge should have been called:
“One Million Pillow Cases – Two Million Smiles”

Please make a pillowcase that will put a smile on someone’s face. If you do, click here to register your donations at American Patchwork and Quilting, then leave me a comment by October 15 and you will be entered into a drawing for some of my newest quilting goodies!

Happy stitching this fall and visit us again soon.

36 thoughts on “Million Pillowcases = Million Smiles :)

  1. Lenore Guajardeo


    Loved the Bed Turning at the Heritage Quilters show a few weeks ago. Have signed up for Eldon in January, enjoyed my trip with Heritage Quilters last week and donated 12 Pillow Cases. Your ability to take antique and redo them in your own designs is awesome and inspiring. I love all your designs and participated in the SOTT ending up with 616 half square triangles. Made a wall hanging from your book. The rest of my triangles are waiting patiently to be put into another one of your designs. If I had your work room I would never want to leave it.

    Thanks for sharing your creative self to the world.

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  3. Shari Kersey

    I made 2 pillowcases this past week for donation to our local hospital.
    My favorite quilt store is a drop off site and I will take them there this week.
    Thanks for encouraging us to donate to this worthy cause.

  4. Mary Starkey

    In the past 5 years, myself & a few friends have made over 75 pillowcases and donated them to local hospitals and senior apartment complexes. Recently however, I made a half dozen pillowcases from cancer awareness material I had in my stash and gave them to the local oncology clinic. Plus, a co-worker was recently diagnosed with cervical cancer’ so I’ve given a pillowcase from the turquoise cancer ribbon fabric to her.

  5. Kathryn Clark

    Iwill be donating my pillowcases to the burn camp through my guild. Our local shop is no longer taking them.
    I am so hlad you were at our quiltshow in Crete, Ill. I absolutely loved your lecture!
    Thank you . also, for being such a wonderful person!

  6. Jennifer K.

    After seeing you at our quilt show this past weekend I decided to look at your blog site and check out your newest ideas. Well thank you for inspiring me to make pillow cases! I have made three so far. They will go to the Burn Camp we give to annually. You make me smile.
    Jennifer Kralik

  7. Sheryl

    What a great studio. I am sure your quilts love to sleep in that room. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication. I can speak for us all and say we love it. Thanks for the most amazing show last night. Your class was wonderful. I learned so much.
    Thanks again for all you do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Deb Butcher

    Just took a class yesterday with. Edyta, what a breath of sunshine. You can certainly tell she has a great love of life and Quilts. Such a kind, and loving person could not ask for a better teacher! So happy to have been a part of your life. Thanks

  9. Teri LaVoy

    Wow, your studio is beautiful. Love how organized everything is. Looks like a bright and happy place to work. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  10. Sheila M/FL

    I just finished the binding on 2 QoV along with their 2 pillow cases and today with all the rain it allowed me to make 15 pillow cases to donate. I love making these as the like you make me smile and I love bringing my own pillow with me when I travel, so the brighter the pillow case the less likely I am to leave it behind.

  11. Carol Sc

    One of the groups I belong to makes six pillowcases each to donate to various local organizations. Some become part of “themed baskets” that are auctioned off for a fundraiser. I have my six finished and will turn them in on Tuesday evening. You are so right — they are easy to make and bring smiles to the recipients.

  12. Lori Kay

    Beautiful pillowcases. I’ve made a batch with my daughter’s 4H group, and have plans to hold a pillowcase sew-in with my quilt guild.

  13. Lenore Guajardo

    With our guild we have added to the million dollar project by making pillow cases for a womens shelter.

    I will commit to sew up 5 to 10 pillow cases this week, take them to Susan Maries Quilt shop in Palos Heights to help bring smiles to others.

    Thanks Edyta for the reminder.

  14. Lis Slottved

    Thanks for the lovely tour through your shop. It looks like a place where you’d want to settle in for many hours and days making quilts from all the lovely fabrics. Here in Denmark we are not so involved in charity because we through our taxes pay for our welfare, but in my quilting group we have just finished and handed over a large wall hanging showing the landscape and the houses around an old peoples’ home. They were very pleased and spend a lot of time talking about all the details. We are also making small quilts for a childrens’ hospice near by. I would of course very much like to be the winner of your fabrics. I would be a dear challenge to make something special out of them. Thanks again. L.

  15. Kaye M.

    I made 2 pillowcases to donate to our local veterans hospital for a half-way house project. I used patriotic colors and star fabric to show my respect for the service of the vets. Loved seeing your studio, it looks like you have your very own fabric shop!

  16. Robin B

    Your blog photos and the tour are wonderful. I love your patterns. I have several and just ordered one of your batik collections. I have made several pillowcases for the challenge. It does make you smile. Thanks for all you do.


  17. Pauline

    Edyta, thanks sEw much for letting us take a tour of your studio…it is a dream studio….a beautiful place for you to create your lovely fabrics and patterns. I have 6 pillowcases to register that, hopefully will put smiles on faces of patients at Mot’s Children Hospital and the VA Hospital in Ann Arbor. Enjoy your weekend, take a wee break from market sewing and enjoy the beautiful sunshine. It sure is a ‘pretty’ day in Canton MI.
    Happy stitching, Pauline

  18. Tracy

    What a yummy treat to get a peak inside your studio! It allows me a few ideas to create a studio in our new home. As usual I’m drooling over your new line of fabric for “Fall Market”. Just purchased “Over the rainbow” last week. I was at the Fabric Shack before they had even unloaded the fabric! Thanks for being so inspiring! We hope you’ll make an appearance at Lolly’s during the Dear Jane Retreat. Now it’s time to make some pillowcases.

  19. Beth G.

    Edyta – is your studio always that neat? Can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve for fall quilt market. Those pillow cases are beautiful!


  20. shirley mcintyre

    Thnak you for the pictures of your beautiful studio! I do have a question about the table with the fabric skirt. I too have a table with a fabric skirt and I am not sure how to attach it to the table, right now I have it pinned to the table. does not look good, I have elastic in the casing. Thanks again, your work is beautiful!

  21. Maryellen

    I’ve made about 10 pillowcases so far, and have plans to do more. Your fabric choices are lovely, and would be very comforting, and yes, I smiled as I sewed mine, too. Thanks for the reminder to make some more.

  22. Sheri

    Thanks so much for the tour… always look forward to you newest patterns and fabric collections. Your studio is like a quilter’s dream come true…..

  23. Gayle

    Thanks so much for sharing pictures of your studio – what a treat to see it! I made a fun pillowcase for my eight year old neighbor to take to the hospital with him when he goes for his chemo treatments. The fabric was printed all over with bicycles since that’s what he loves to do – and since he’s too sick to ride right now I thought he’d enjoy that pillow case.


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