MSU Museum Red and Green Quilts

I have been waiting patiently to see my Amaryllis to bloom.

Once it happened the overwhelming amazement and surprise is hard to describe. I’ve seen these flowers bloom many times before, but for some reason it always takes my breath away.

The same feeling comes over me every time I have a chance to visit a quilt Museum. I know I’m going to see quilts but there’s always something magical about it! Thanks to Carol, my good friend and retired teacher who believes that you never stop learning, a group of us went to spend a morning with Beth Donaldson and see some amazing quilts at the Michigan State University Museum in Lansing MI.

Beth raised not only the quilts to show us, but also lifts the spirit of quilting to high levels. 10 amazing red and green quilts were waiting for us when we arrived.

Stars were glowing.

Album quilt was amazing.

The green turned into blue over time – I love it!

Different is beautiful.

Prefect garden quilt! I wish my garden looked this nice.

No matter if it was one flower…

…or a whole wreath of them on a light background,

or bright background.

4 block quilts seemed to be quite popular.

Up close the detail work around the applique was spectacular.

The touch of pink in the center made this quilt even more yummy.

We completed the session with this beauty, started by Betty and finished by Mary

Many of the quilts in the MSU Museum are from the Mary J. Schafer Collection.

The quilts are stored in special cabinets like the one above, waiting to be visited.

Before we left, we had a chance to peak into some of the drawers and the “Amaryllis” feeling was there again! There are over 600 quilts to choose from in the MSU collection.

Betty so kindly reminded us that this Museum and Quilt Collection relies on donations and even the smallest contributions help. If you would like donate and help preserve quilting history, you can make a check out to: Michigan State University Museum, put the word “quilt” in the memo line and send it to:

Beth Donaldson
Michigan Quilt Project
570 Red Cedar Road, #101C, Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824

Beth will make sure it gets in the right account.

If you would like to see the “Stars” in the MSU Museum, contacting Beth Donaldson at for more information. I highly recommend it! As we were walking out of the museum my little group was already thinking about our next visit to see 9 patch quilts.

Below are links to the 10 quilts that we viewed during our last visit with pictures and the details about each quilt.

Happy New Year!

12 thoughts on “MSU Museum Red and Green Quilts

  1. Teri LaVoy

    ok, just read the information on that particular quilt – first one on the list. Very interesting that that could happen. Thanks again for sharing your info. And when I get back to MI…I will have to look you up. Yep, a definite field trip.

  2. Teri LaVoy

    Thanks for sharing the quilts at the MSU museum. I have been to the Historical Museum but not this one. Could be a field trip for the next time I visit – April or August??? But I have a question: In one part picture you mentioned that the “the green turned into blue over time” on the quilts. How can that happen? That was a lot of color change on that particular quilt. Very curious.

  3. janet

    Your pictures are so very marvelous! Thanks so much for sharing them. The applique comes alive in your pictures – a different perspective than the flat full picture on the website.

  4. Sue

    Really enjoyed these photos—-I personally have not gone to East Lansing to see these, but I know others who have & the collection is just outstanding. Beth Donaldson has done an amazing job & we all owe her our thanks. Also thank you for including donation information; I’m going to send a check today! Preserving our heritage is so important.

  5. Janan Doster

    Thank you for sharing these antique quilts. True beauties. I love the four block appliques and the pomegranates. Just stunning.


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