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Moda has a brand new fabric cut called Honeycombs. They are hexagons perfect for making a quilt like “Sunshine Box” from my book “Scrappy Fireworks“.

I am going to have Honeycombs from my new fabric collection “Hope Chest” to be released at Spring Market 2013 and I can’t wait to play with them in my quilts!

One way to do so is to fold them in half…

…then fold one side in…

…then fold the opposite side in.

Voila, you have prairie points from Honeycombs!

I discovered this idea from one of my visits to the Grand Rapids Museum.

I love the prairie point on this antique quilt, they look so sharp and went great with the 60 degree diamonds.

I could not stop investigating and sure enough they were made from hexagons, not squares like you would normally make them from.

No matter how you use your Honeycombs, I’m sure you will enjoy them!

I better get back to my sewing, Henry is redesigning and really enjoying scraps to the fullest. I don’t get designing help like this everyday – I better take advantage of it!

Remember to stop back soon, Moda’s Blog Hop starts tomorrow, Feb 18 – Mar 4th.

9 thoughts on “Honeycombs

  1. FRançoise COMINI

    Bonjour, j’habite la France et je suis émerveillée par vos créations.Aux USA vous avez beaucoup de chance pour les tissus ils sont magnifiques,nous on a pas tout ce choix.Bravo encore pour vos magnifiques travaux.Amitiés d’un petit coin Français.Françoise

  2. Karin Peirce

    Ooh I love all your baskets, they are just beautiful, and thank you so much for the prairie points tip, they certainly look much zippier than the ones made from squares.


  3. Janan

    Your instructions on your blog are just as detailed as your books!
    I am looking forward to your new collection and the hexies, I may just add some
    prairie points for the first time!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Cindy Lash

    Prairie points from hexagons? Ingenious!

    Henry looks like our Clawd, who died from lymphoma several years ago. He was such a gentle cat. We now have two quilting helpers, Lenny and Carly. I’ve noticed over the years that kitties and quilters get along very well.

  5. Carol Sc

    The way your mind works amazes me! I probably would never have figured out the prairie points from hexies. It’s hard to tell, from the picture, how large the hexagons are on the new Moda fabric. Can I cut them apart? We will see.

  6. Ginger

    Thank you Edyta, for the beautiful blogs you write. The photographs and the narration are so often wonderful and interesting. You and your quilts inspire me to want to sew more and really work at being a quilter. Thanks again with all my heart—Ginger


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