2014 Designer Mystery Blog Tour

Welcome to the “2014 Designers Mystery Blog Tour” from Fat Quarter Shop, I am so thrilled to be part of this event! We were asked to design a mystery star block and choose a special “Star” in our life to name the block after. I would like to share with you a little about someone very special to me, my daughter Anna.

There is something about her that is simply magical, it is hard to explain in words, but I noticed this from the time that she was very little.

She has a little smile that is always able to put a spell over me.

She is always ready to reach the stars and do her very best. I have always loved making outfits for her, little girl dresses…

 … and now the ones for special occasions.

As she has grown to become an amazing young lady, I have enjoyed every minute with her and can’t help but be proud of her. Her magic is always there, honest, kind, thoughtful, and caring, I could just go on and on.

And yes, she still has that special smile – I have dedicated my block to “Magical-Anna”

This “Mystery Block” of the month is created from my “Snowbird” Fabric Collection.

Inspired by the beautiful colors of a crisp winter day; heavenly blue skies, frosted branches, shimmering snow, and even the birds that stay around though winter and keep me company during the cold days.

This collection offers abundant lights in both batiks and prints.

Clear contrast between lights and darks.

The “Snowbird” Collection Prints wonderfully compliment the layout of the star blocks to create an amazing quilt.

I can’t wait for you to see the finished project! I hope you will consider joining this “Block of the Month” at the Fat Quarter Shop if you have not yet.

Do you have a “Magical Star” in your life? Leave a comment by March 28th and share your “Star” with me to be entered into our drawing and maybe get a Snowbird Jellyroll rolling your way.

I’m looking forward to hearing about your “Magical Stars” and seeing your beautiful mystery quilts made.

A special thank you goes out to all of my fellow designers that have created blocks for this quilt, please be sure to stop by their blogs as they share their stories about their “Stars”

March 7th
Sweetwater – http://sweetwater.typepad.com/makelifesweet/
Cotton Way – http://cottonway.blogspot.com/
Sandy Gervais – http://piecesfrommyheart-sgervais.blogspot.com/

March 14th
Minick and Simpson – http://minickandsimpson.blogspot.com/
Vanessa Christenson – http://www.vanessachristenson.com/
Kate Spain – http://katespaindesigns.blogspot.com/

March 21st
Kansas Troubles – http://kansastroublesquilters-lynne.blogspot.com/
Bunny Hill – http://bunnyhillblog.com/
Me and My Sister Designs – http://meandmysisterdesigns.com/blog/
Fig Tree and Co. – http://figtreequilts.typepad.com/my_weblog/

March 28th
Prize Winners announced on the Jolly Jabber

272 thoughts on “2014 Designer Mystery Blog Tour

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  5. Hillfelder

    My magical “stars” are my two grandchildren, Everett and Chaney. I was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer before they were born. I was told that I had a year to live. I made my daughters pick out fabric to make “hypothetical” quilts for future grandchildren. Now five years later, I have had many magical moments with these children. I love the fabric used in the mystery quilt.

  6. Debbie

    My beautiful star is my nephew. My husband and I were not able to have children then my best friend (sister-in-aw) died in childbirth and left behind a beautiful baby boy. He is now 7 years old and has become my universe. He is beautiful inside and out and means everything to both my husband and me. A real star!
    Love the fabrics. Thanks for the chance to win.

  7. Gretchen

    My magical star is my 4-year old niece Mackenzie who is the smartest, cutest, most wonderful niece ever. Thanks for the chance at the lovely giveaway.

  8. Nancy Hatton

    My granddaughter Addison is my star love her so much. Love all your fabrics especially the blues beautiful shades.

  9. Nancy Hatton

    My granddaughter Addison is my star love her so much. Love all your fabrics especially the blues such beautiful shades.

  10. auschick

    my daughter is only 2 but she is such a social butterfly, she puts a smile on everyone’s faces whenever she enters a room!

  11. Marcia P.

    I can understand how you feel. My daughter is also my magical star. The last time I held her while she slept was when she was 9. The tears were streaming but I was real careful not to move as I didn’t want to miss this moment as I knew full well that there would not be many more times she would fall asleep on my shoulder. She is 35 now and I just recently found out she wasn’t sleeping and knew I was crying. She said she knew why and didn’t want to ruin it for me. That was the last time she fell asleep in my lap. I remember it like it was yesterday.

    Love the fabrics, your best yet!!

  12. Patti O'Donnell

    My star is since the day I met him, my husband Pat. He is kind and comforting. He completed me. I can’t think of what life would be without him. He is my star.

  13. Lin Stricker

    My special star is my husband. He just nursed me thru my second total knee replacement. His love and encouragement made the journey so much easier

  14. Diane Wyte

    My personal stars – so difficult to choose- but it has to be my husband of 47 years – we were high school sweethearts and still he remembers special anniversaries like the day we first dated. He so supports my quilting and other endeavors. Of course he’s a wonderful dad and grandfather too.
    The new collection is just gorgeous – my favorites are blues and creams!!!!

  15. Julie

    My star is my daughter Annette. She is a Tsgt in the Air Force. Currently she is stationed in Hawaii but had to do a tour in Korea to get there. This spring she has been in 12 years. In May she will be going back to Korea for another year and after that hopefully back to the mainland. When she comes home on leave we do a mother-daughter trip usually just within our state. I am so proud of her.

  16. Susan

    I have tried posting before, but it has not “taken”. I’m hoping this goes through:-)
    My stars are my 2 sons. Handsome and smart. I can’t wait to see their success!

  17. Cynthia

    My most special “star” right now is my 10 year old son, Sam, who isn’t yet old enough to stop cuddling and still thinks his mom is great, lol. I know the tumultuous teen years are coming and I am enjoying him so right now. He is the last of our “stars” as the rest have grown through their teen years.

  18. Linda K

    My best friend, my rock, my star, my husband! Love your fabrics and can’t wait to see those light batiks. I have a quilt in mind :). Thanks for the chance to sew something wonderful with “Snowbird” !!

  19. Lynne

    My family is my magical star. They are all shining stars in their own right. It’s nice to take a moment just to appreciate that. Thank you.

  20. Sylvia Anderson

    My galaxy is filled with 5 very special great granddaughters and another bright and shining star is due to arrive in July. We are so blessed to be able to enjoy and have fun with them. The pattern and the fabric are so beautiful.

  21. denise clason

    My favorite “star” is my 3 year old grand daughter! She is a sweetheart and loves coming over to Grandma’s house! We dance, play and she’ll do just about anything to help…even dishes and laundry! <3

  22. Peg Oppenhuis

    My stars are our two daughters, Jennifer (37) and Stephanie (34). It is truly an honor to be their mother. They “shine” through their own respective talents–Jennifer is a teacher and loves teaching. Stephanie is a hair stylist. They are each mothers who love, cherish, and teach their children. God has truly shined on me in giving us such wonderful and special daughters who sparkle and who make my world and their world brighter.

  23. Linda Kay

    My “star” is my late mother. I can only say that when someone says that something I do reminds them of my Mom, I can’t imagine a greater compliment!

  24. Jennifer

    I, too, have a daughter that is a joy. She came along 18 years after my son, long after I had given up hope of ever having a daughter. Rachel is the magical star, a gift if ever there was one.

  25. Sheila S

    My special star is not who you would think-it is my darling husband. This is a second marriage of MANY years. However I had always stayed friends with my first husband. Ten years ago when he got cancer and had no one to help, my wonderful hubby along with myself became his only caretakers. J drove 125 miles each day for 7 weeks for his radiation with the first cancer, spent hours in the hospital and visiting his home with the second-taking him to EVERY Dr. and Hospital visit he ever had. The day my ex-husband died with 3rd time cancer J said “I’ve lost my best friend”. I am so Blessed to have such a wonderful, caring and compassionate man in my life. He truly is my shining star.

  26. Lauren

    My magic star is the love of my life, my husband Ken. We met and married later in life – definitely worth the wait! My best friend, lover, quilting muse, confidant all rolled into one. Love the fabric – sooo inspiring – thanks for the chance to bring some home!

  27. Mary T

    Besides my great husband, my magical stars would be my quilter friends who inspire, encourage, help, commiserate, listen, share, and enrich my life.

  28. Jackie Lane

    I love your block! I too have a star with a magical smile. She also gives magical hugs, and they usually come right when I need them. I look forward to watching her grow up and see what she does with all those special qualities she carries inside.

  29. Sherry VF

    Love the Snowbird fabrics. My ‘star’ is my youngest daughter who struggles everyday to do the simplest of physical tasks due to her disability that we take for granted. She’s always polite and thoughtful through it all. Thanks for the giveaway, svonfumetti at yahoo dot com

  30. Carri Thompson

    My “star” is my Dad who is no longer here. I feel comfort though when I look at the stars on a clear , cold night and have wonderful memories. Applause to you for your wonderful new fabric collection.

  31. Ann P.

    My magical stars are my grandchildren. I have six of them – two girls and four boys. I wasn’t able to pick just one. They are all so special and their smiles twinkle just like stars. Love your fabric.

  32. Barbara Martinek

    My magical star is also my daughter. Every once in a while, in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale. With my Marie every day can become a little fairytale. Each day is something unique, good and bad, an I love it. Marie is 15 now and just beat me at arm wrestling! I really did try to win.

  33. wilma diana serrao

    Hi Love the beautiful fabric line and hope to win. My star is my husband who makes me feel special every single day. He treats me like a queen and loves me for who I am and enjoys and shares everything I do.
    Eydita you inspire me and I love creating your pattern. I am happy to be a quilter because my star guides me with love and opportunities and he is so proud of me.

  34. Katherine Schaffer

    Snowbird is just magical! I’m fortunate to have many stars in my life; here are just a few. My inspiration star is my daughter Meg, my sweet thoughtful star is my daughter-in-law Julie and my youngest sister, who was my quilting buddy and a constant in my life but is now truly the star who shines down on her family, Carrie.

  35. Michele

    I love this fabric line and am so excited about starting the BoM! I have had quite a few shining strs in my life, and will take the opportunity to reflect on how they touched my life as I put each block together.

  36. Linda H

    I guess my “first” shining star would be my oldest niece. I almost delivered her in the backseat of her mother’s car when we were racing to the hospital … we DID make to the hospital but barely. She was born in the elevator on the way up to the delivery room! Her name is Whitney and she is now a 28-year-old nurse in Denver, CO … a beautiful, loving, gentle young woman who I was immensely gifted to be with as she grew up. Love her to pieces!

    Your daughter is lovely … you have every reason to be proud!

  37. Jane F

    My husband is my star. He has faced 3years of stage 4 lung cancer and has never complained or said “why me”. His main concern is how I will be able to do things when he is gone. We have been married almost 50 years and his love is even stronger now than then. Thank you for your giveaway!

  38. Janie

    My granddaughter would be my star, she was born 3 months premature. She is doing great she is now 10 years old, and beautiful inside and out. Thanks for the giveaway!

  39. Lisa LK

    I’m fortunate to have a galaxy of stars in my life, but my most magical would have to be my two daughters.

  40. Jacqueline

    How wonderful that all of you great designers are willing to share your creativity with the rest of us quilters. I love your new fabric line.. and thanks so much for a chance at your give a way.

    I really have 2 stars in my life. My daughter and son. My heart swells with the love and pride I have for them.

  41. Carla

    I have so many stars in my life, but after seeing your quilt block, I would have to name my block after my daughter, Trista. She is an incredible young woman and inspires me every day.

  42. Kimberly M

    My special star is my maternal grandmother, whom I miss dearly, and I have 4 other stars still with me, my children.

  43. Tracy

    I have a preemie baby son who’s now a grown man of 24. He’s always brought me great joy and constantly makes me laugh. We both struggle to stay on task and motivate each other. Last year he discovered that mom had left college as a senior. He has motivated me to return and finish. In December we will receive our bachelor degrees together.

  44. Susan Paxton

    My magical star is my youngest son. He is my rock and helps me through those days that are dark and dismal. He has helped me so much in the last few years and lifted me up with his cheerful attitude. He has grown into such a great father to his children and an inspiration to the people he helps.

  45. Brenda B

    My stars are definitely my family. Husband, 4 sons and now 3 lovely daughters-in-law. They light up my life.

  46. Lee

    Your Star is lovely! I am a three start girl. Three hard working, lovely kids – two out of grad school and one with a year to go! They work hard, play fair and shine like the stars they are! I adore your new fabric line! have a great day!

  47. Michele

    My magical star is my 5 year old daughter “Sunshine”. She had a rough start in life and she has come such a long way since we brought her home from China 4 years ago. She is proof of how a loving family can truly change a child’s life.

  48. Annaleena Horning

    I have two shining stars in my life my son and my husband. Thanks for the giveaway. When is your new book going to be published?

  49. Leslie Burnworth

    Love the Snowbird fabric! Would love to make a quilt with it for my shining stars, my son and brand new daughter in law. They were planning a wedding for this summer, but when Danielle’s sister got ill and a bone marrow donor could not be found in time, the kids arranged to be married at Riley Hospital in Indianapolis, in the hallway, outside of Gabby’s room, so she could be made of honor before she passed. What a wonderful, kind and caring heart my new daughter has.

  50. Kathy Snyder

    My shining stars are my 5 children. It is so rewarding to watch them grow and develop different talents and abilities.

  51. Wendy

    My star is my mom, she will be 87 this month. She has been a great example to me with her sewing expertise. I have been blessed to be able to share the love of sewing with her as I am the only one out of five daughters that has acquired this gift.

  52. Carrie P.

    YOur daughter is gorgeous!
    Love the fabrics too.
    My shining star is my husband! He is so good to me and is always willing to jump right in when I have a project for him to work on.

  53. Mary W

    Can’t pick just one star out of my four kids, so I’ll pick my husband. After all, God placed him in my life for a reason! I’m so blessed.

  54. Connie Cain

    My shining star is my Mom, who gave me the gift of craftiness. She taught me everything from sewing to needlework, crocheting, ect. She is a real star in heaven now, looking down and watching over me and my family.

  55. Suellen Dehnke

    My magical star has always been my daughter Amie, a beautiful and accomplished young woman. I’d say now it’s a toss up though between her and the adorable granddaughter, Delaney, that she gifted us with last September.

  56. LeAnn

    Your daughter is lovely and i love your new snowbird fabric line. My star was my dad. He was my hero. I see a shining star in the night sky and know he is still there.

  57. Rachell Reilly

    Your daughter is beautiful! And so is your fabric!
    Ever since I started quilting, I’ve been drawn to stars and snowflake designs. Blues and whites are so attractive to me. If I hadn’t had children, I don’t know if I would have started quilting again! So far, most of my quilts have been for my sons and hubby…and I chose star samplers for the boys’ baby quilts.

  58. wendy

    you’re right, that is a beautiful quilt!
    My special star would be my parents. They’re always there for me, always wanting to help me and are just generally lovely people

  59. carol n

    My 2 best friends are my Stars, Heidi I graduated together 40 years ago, and her mother I have also know that long, Love them

  60. Lizzie

    My magical star would have to be my husband…..Mark. He makes everything possible! I have never signed up for a Mystery BOM but this may be the one!!! Snowbird is beautiful and I can’t wait to see the fabric for real!

  61. Judith

    I have 5 children, and I don’t think I could pick my greatest star. They are all different and special in their own way. But isn’t that what all Mom’s would say. I love making quilts for them all!

  62. Erin @ Sew at Home Mummy

    My magical star would have to be my daughter, who is two. I look at her and I am amazed that my husband and I could have created someone so perfect. I wish I could slow time so I could revel in this time right now, but then at the same time I can’t wait to see what she’ll be like as a little girl and teenager and then wife and mother. I’m not sure if that makes sense, lol.
    Your daughter is gorgeous! and thank you so much for the chance to win!

  63. Sandy N

    My hubby is my star. I thank God for him every day. Beautiful fabric! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  64. Brita

    My shining star, the brightest hope for the future of our family’s heritage, is my granddaughter, Nyssa. She is all things bright and beautiful, inside and out. These fabrics would make a special quilt for my wonderful girl.

  65. Meredith

    My son is my shining star; he has chosen acting as a career, and I admire his perseverance in this difficult and precarious choice in life…he trained in a fine institution, and has been involved in drama since he was about 10; theatre and Shakespeare are his his great loves. I think he is already a star!

  66. Dana Cargill

    I have 2 children that are the stars in my life. I guess they are only children in my eyes because my son, Cameron is 29 & my daughter, Jacklyn is 25. Yikes how did that happen so fast?

  67. Bonnie Nyquist

    My Star would be my husband of 53 years, I knew that day so many years ago,I made the right choice, and it has never changes, my life is complete with him, and we have two children and three grandchildren as stars also. I love that your star is so lovely inside ans well as outside, your sewing for her is unbelievableably beautiful.

  68. KimS

    Seems the kids win out as stars in our lives, and so it is, with me, as well. 🙂 We have 4 grown stars of our own and they are very quickly adding more stars to our ‘lineup’, between marriages (2nd one last November & a third in April!) and grandchildren! Isn’t adding stars amazing!?

  69. Sherry Riggs

    My magical star would be my oldest whom we lost 10 years ago. He was such a joy to have. There will always be a part of us missing. My other stars are my two other children who gives us much joy just to be around them.

  70. Lynne Tilley

    My stars are certainly my 3 wonderful children, each one so very different, unique, and special to me in their own way, as well as my two sweet granddaughters. That’s just to name a few. I guess you could say with all the “stars” in my life, I could fill the sky. Thanks for sharing your Anna story, so sweet! Your fabrics are wonderful, and your star block is so pretty.

  71. Cori

    Awww what a beautiful tribute. I have to say that my beautiful children are my stars. Your collection is gorgeous. I have signed up for the mystery BOM.

  72. Sandy Royal

    My star is my new granddaughter, Elayna. She is the 1st girl in our family. After losing a girl of our own, she is such a blessing and brings us much joy. Thanks for the chance to win.

  73. Lisa Mikel

    My star is my wonderful husband of 25 years. He is wonderful and is my best friend. He is my best supporter of my quilting and is the love of my life. Your fabrics are all lovely as is your daughter.

  74. Debbie G

    My magical star is my first grandson who is 4 months old already. Jackson puts a bright spot in every day for me. My husband is also a bright star in my life. He supports every aspect of my quilting obsession!! Love this fabric line.

  75. Diana R

    The bright “stars” in my life are my grand girls (3 granddaughters). My magical stars would be my two daughters and son along with my supportive husband. We all twinkle as we create new things with fabric.

  76. Carol Sc

    I am blest to have so many stars in my life — family and friends. If I start with my husband, as he has fathered our four children, who have in turn, blest us with six grandchildren — so many to be thankful for. Love all the pictures of Anna — she is growing up to be an attractive lady, like her mother — and, no doubt, equally as nice!

  77. Leota Krantz

    The bright “star” in my life is my almost grandson, Samuel. My husband and I were not blessed with children so I share my sister’s one and only grandchild. He truly is my bright star and delights me every day with his antics. He is 9 years old with huge dark brown eyes filled with magic, discovery and wonder everyday. Thanks for asking me to share my “star” with you and your readers.

  78. LISAD

    My magical star is also my daughter, Rianne. She has always been amazing and full of love for others. She is now a mom herself and is passing on that love to the next generation of our family.

  79. Kathie Craig

    My magical stars are my boys. I was 38 when I had my oldest. He will be four this month. He was in the NICU for 10 days after he was born and got to come home on my birthday. Baby brother, whom will be three in April, was a belated birthday present. He came ten days early and nothing has stopped him since.

  80. robyn jones

    I have 3 children and 5 grandchildren. It is hard to pick just one, but I will. My son Jon is my star. He is the youngest of my children. At 19 he was paralyzed from the chest down. Before his accident he was a very active person. He is a talented musician as well. He played in a band before he was hurt. He didn’t let his situation slow him down. He formed a new band and played at many shows where he has been an inspiration to others with similar disabilities that have seen him perform.

  81. Debbie

    Well my shining star is actually my 3 grandson’s, Carter, Luke and Ben. My son is wonderful but my 3 darling grandsons are the best! I love the new line of fabric and can’t wait to start the mystery. Thank you Edyta for your constant creativity and inspiration to us all. You are the brightest star of all!

  82. Jeanne

    I have so many shining stars in my life but there are 2 that absolutely shine the brightest for me Dana 18 and Connor 13, my wonderful and beautiful grandchildren. They are great looking people, smart, savvy and moral. Love my grands.

  83. Margaret Doro

    The fabric is beautiful. My magical star is my son. He brings life to any room when he walks in.

  84. Kathleen Lambert

    Beautiful colors in you line. My magical star would have to be my sister. She is always there and we have the best time quilting together.

  85. Janet

    Oh my, I have so many stars in my life! My husband, who has long since stopped asking “do we really need another quilt”? My 2 dogs and 4 cats who find piecing, appilque and quilting a great way to spend a day, and designers like you and your Moda cohorts, who keep me full of ideas.

  86. Pam S

    My star is my darling three and half year-old granddaughter. She lights up my life with the joy she discovers in every little thing. It’s wonderful to be able to see the world through her eyes. Thanks so much for the chance to win some of your beautiful fabric and for sharing your star!

  87. Brenda Hulsey

    I have lots of stars in my life. Starting with my 2 children, 4 grand kids and 1 great grandkid! No counting the rest of my family!

  88. Gill Turner

    My stars are my three boys – two sons and a husband – I am besotted with all three!
    Beautiful colours, so subtle.

  89. shirley tener

    I have 7 grandkids, 5 and under.. so many stars. But the 2 boys are 4 &5 and I adore them, I can sit and teach them, and love to photograph their look when they are learning something new. I teach crafts very early. I have to say, when I am around them, I love shinning.

  90. Michelle

    My Magical Star is my husband and best friend. Having always had poor eyesight he never let that get the best of him. He raised a family and retired from a career all the while going blind. He truly is an inspiration!

  91. Tracy Dawson

    My shining star is my daughter. She was sick the first 5 yrs of her life and we spent a lot of time thinking of how important she was to us. She’s almost 17 now and she’s an amazing girl! Love her to death!

  92. Carolyn S

    My shining star is my brother who has MS and faces this debilitating disease everyday with strength and courage. He always has a smile on his face and never complains! He’s truly amazing.

  93. Anita

    My little star is my adorable granddaughter. She is a wonderful dancer and just shines onstage which is why I consider her my little star 🙂 Love this new collection and your story too!

  94. Elaine Roy

    My special star is my darling husband that just passed on Feb 16, 2014. We were married for 42 years and he always made me feel special and loved. He is my star in the sky now.

  95. Lyn Kaufmann

    I have so many magical stars in my life. Four of my own, one who calls me Nana, and another who is my oldest sons friend, and then my best friend. When one child was diagnosed with a brain tumor my other stars gathered around and made sure I knew we were the center of the universe and that it would all happen with us together, even though we had only moved three weeks prior. We all went through the cloudy parts of the process with hands held, the oldest friend stayed with me when my Dad passed away 2 months after my sons diagnosis. We found the silver lining and my son came out shining. I’m going to ask my husband if we can afford the mystery quilt gathering. Thanks for sharing Anna with us.

  96. Kathy McDonald

    This new Designer BOM quilt looks like so much fun! I love your beautiful fabric line and look forward to working with it.

    My sister, Connie, is my magical star. She raised my two dear nieces as a single parent and continues to be their (and MY) best friend. She has a heart of gold, and is truly my rock.

  97. NancyL

    My special shining star is the Lord, and He has blessed me with lots of stars in my 4 kids and soon to be 12 grandchildren, but my shining star is my husband. He has loved me and cared for me for almost 40 years, and he also is supportive of my quilting!

  98. Patty Flynn

    As almost everyone has commented, my children are my 3 stars (now 4 as I have a beautiful daughter in law)
    hope to win you beautiful fabric

  99. Pat

    My magical stars are my four grandchildren. I was only present for one birth since our son is in the Air Force so we have never lived close. However, for the youngest (now 2 1/2), I flew to SC two months before he was due because I felt compelled to do so. He was born 15 minutes after I arrived at the hospital–3 lb 8 oz. of miracle! He is a total joy to me and I am so thankful he is healthy! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  100. Ronda Trepagnier

    Snowbird is a beautiful line. The colors are great. Thanks for the chance to win. I love that picture that shows the individual snowflakes. My shining star is my dear husband. He is always there for me and our children; strong, determined, loyal. I just love him so much!

  101. KatieQ

    My star is my daughter Patricia. She is working on a Master’s Thesis Program in Child Development. She wants to do research on Executive Function in pre-school children to help find better ways for children to learn. I admire the way she works so hard to help children get a fair chance at life.

  102. Jill Hicks

    The magical star in my life is my youngest son. He was a surprise to us when we learned he was coming and has been a blessings his whole life.

  103. Karen Seitz

    This may sound silly, but right now the star in my life is my dog Phoebe. Things are rough financially, and my job is a nightmare, but Phoebe’s friendly face and enthusiasm keep me active and happy to get home. “Phoebe” is a reference to the moon, but she’s a star to me.

  104. Mom C

    I have many stars in my life. 4 sons and 2 daughters, they all married incredible spouses and we have 22 wonderful, darling, creative, overachieving grandchildren. All so special. Thanks.

  105. Dita

    My mom is magical star! She loves me, whether I deserve it or not. It feels great to be loved. She is very forgiving too. My mom makes me happy!

  106. Cecilia

    I would say that I have quite a few stars in my life, too. My children, grandchildren, and my husband are all stars in my life. They all give me such joy and are such great inspirations to me. Thank you for sharing your story of your daughter.

  107. Karen Thurn

    I have many stars in my life. My mom is an inspiration to me. At 83, she continues to amaze me with her youthfulness both in mind and body.

  108. Deb G. in VA

    My star is my husband. He takes care of me and puts up with my quilting/sewing projects all over the house. 🙂

  109. Vicki H

    I have many Stars in my family. My 7 year old granddaughter want to learn to sew so that surely brightens my life.

  110. Beth T.

    My sister Tami is my magical star. It has been ten years since she passed, and yet she is still part of every day. I hope someday to “grow up” to be as incredible as she was–a tall order, but something to strive for.

  111. Jody

    I am so lucky! I have many bright stars in my life. My husband, 4 adult children and now 3 VERY cute little grandsons! I also have a few lovely quilting buddies that are stars in their own right. This fabric line is gorgeous!!

  112. Lyn

    My star is my mom — 90 years old and still active…sews, knits, crochets, etc. I hope to age as gracefully and beautifully as she has.

  113. Janet Crossman

    I love your work and all your patterns, beautiful. I aspire to be half as good as you one day. Your daughter is beautiful and I have many stars in my life, God has blessed me with a wonderful husband, 4 children, 6 grandchildren and many friends. Thanks for all you do.

  114. Barbara McDonald

    It’s hard to pick just one – but for now I’ll say the Magical Star is my Daughter, Elizabeth. Your story of Anna reminds me a lot of Elizabeth – we’ve known from the time she was a baby that there would be big things happening in her life – so far, that’s proved to be true!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  115. barbara corbitt

    my star was also my daughter. she was smart, intelligent and always had a smile for everyone. she gave so much of herself to help everyone. i had a near fatal brain anurysim and she lived over seven hours away. she quit her dream job and moved in to take care of me. she moved in on saturday and tragically, just four days later, she died in my arms from a blood clot to her lungs. i miss her so much. she was not only my daughter but my best friend too. your daughter is a beautiful woman, both inside and out. babscorbitt@gmail.com

  116. Shirley

    I have been blessed with two bright stars in my life. As being a single parent for all of their childhood, I am so very proud of the woman and man they have become. They are both my magical stars – life has not always been easy, but I have been truly blessed. They both have their own families now, and that only adda to my blessings.

  117. Marie Eddins

    My Magical Star in my life was of course my dear Mother. She taught me so much and helped show me all the magical world around me, especially when we walked in the woods. I miss her every day that she has been taken from us, but she gave such example and lessons of life that she remains ever present even 20 years later. Your fabric line is so beautiful; I would love to make this in her honor as she loved blue!

  118. Susan Stanton

    My magical stars are my six grandchildren. They always brighten my day every time we are together.

  119. Nancy Andrews

    My magical star is also my daughter, Carrie. She has always been a delight. Carrie is a drama teacher and coaches many of tomorrow’s Stars. She and her husband have given the world two mini-stars, Julia and Lucas, who shine so brightly in their gran’s universe.

  120. Jan S

    My son, Carl, is my star. He really lights up my life. We have laughed together for 28 years. I love him!

  121. Jo

    My Magical Star has always been my son Joshua. He was my snuggle child he could not give or get enough hugs and cuddles. Now he shines down from heaven on me every day and makes me appreciate life’s little things more than I ever did. He will shine forever!

  122. Camille

    I’ve already signed up for this mystery quilt along. So excited about the fabric! My star is also my daughter. She is my hero, my friend, my example. She turns 25 this week and I can hardly believe the time has flown by so fast. She married last summer and it’s been hard to share her with someone else, but he too is a star. Thanks for the chance to win.

  123. LeAnne L

    My mom is my star. She started me sewing when I was little making clothes for my troll dolls. She also made me my first quilt and got me interested in this great hobby.

  124. Jeannie D

    Such an elegant quilt…my Magical Star is my husband who is like the North Star…no matter what happens in life he always manages to “weather the stormy seas” and keep us “on course”…love this guy!

  125. Jean

    My grandmother is/was my star. Though she died many years ago, I still have quilts that she made for me.

  126. Kathy Davis

    My Magic Star is my son Ty. He is a middle school special needs teacher and an awesome young man.

  127. Susan P

    My brother Brian is my star! He is single and lives with my mom who is 87 years old. She has macular degeneration and also needs kidney dialysis. He does all that needs to be down with a smile. He’s very caring and unselfish and a wonderful person. Love him dearly.

  128. Yvonne

    Daughters…they are the best! Your Anna looks beautiful in the dress you made! My Claire is wonderful and fills my life with so much happiness. NThanks for the giveaway.

  129. Michele T

    I have two twinkling stars shining brightly in my life: my beautiful and brilliant daughter and my handsome and charming son!! So very proud of them too!

  130. Karen A

    I am blessed with three magical star daughters. And like your stunning snowflakes they are all unique. I love that you sew for your beautiful daughter.

  131. Martha Cook

    Your fabrics and quilt is breathtaking. Your daughter is stunning. My magical star is my husband. We have been married 42 yrs and our love grows sweeter.

  132. Delaine

    My magical star is my daughter. She is beautiful, smart, funny, outgoing, loving. I could go on and on all day!

  133. Jen B

    My star is my Mum, I’m not able to sew as much as I’d like due to my health, so she does all my ironing for me so I can do more sewing when I feel up to it. You didn’t say if the giveaway is open internationally or not – I’m in the UK.

  134. Emily C

    My Magical Star is my DH. He is very supportive and makes sure that other obligations are taken care of so I can focus on my dreams and education.

  135. Betty Woodlee

    Two of the most precious stars in my life are my two great grandsons, Gabe and Will. They are delightful. Your daughter is beautiful! Love your quilt and jelly roll.

  136. Sarina

    My two dearest stars are my daughter and husband. I’m just smiling thinking about them right now. I don’t even know how to consolidate my love and admiration for/of them. They’re amazing!

  137. Penny

    My “star” is also my daughter. She is more than just a star though. She is our miracle! Our only child, five now, was born just three short months before our 20th wedding anniversary. Such a blessing and a joy, she is my biggest quilting cheerleader, and I am her biggest fan!

    1. Yvonne

      Wow! You have us beat as we were married “only” 17 years before our first child was born. Funny thing, we eloped so everyone thought I was pregnant!

  138. Lynn Mc

    My shining stars are my two young grandsons. Their parents are doing great jobs of raising them and they are both just a delight to be with.
    I joined the FQS 2014 mystery as soon as I saw it, as I just love this fabric and the mysteries are so well run.

  139. Chris

    She is Beautiful! I would say my daughter since I have Grandsons and no granddaughters yet. I love stars. They remind us to reach for the stars. There is always Hope. Thank-you, your work and fabric is wonderful.

  140. Diedra Baker

    My Magical Star is, without a doubt, my husband of 42 years. I can’t imagine my life without him.

  141. Lynn M

    My magical star is our daughter. Bright, gorgeous and working in a job she loves. Plus after three years, she just been transferred home. Love this new mystery quilt.

  142. Andrea

    I loved your story of your daughter. I adore my daughter as well and the ice skates did me in as she is a figure skater! This mystery quilt is just beautiful and ethereal.

  143. Margaret Schindler

    My husband is my star; I watch every night to see a star twinkle knowing that he is my magical star.

  144. Diane

    I am blessed to have twin stars! They couldn’t wait to brighten up my life so they came 3 months early 29 years ago! Love your star quilt!

  145. Dorothy

    I am excited for this BOM, I just signed up for it. I would have to say my magical stars are my 4 daughters (and the 6 grandkids that they’ve given me) and my husband. It really just comes down to family, doesn’t it 🙂

  146. Mary Jo Jones

    I am so excited about this block of the month…and have signed up for it already! I love everything you design! My stars are my precious two little grandsons. They make me smile and keep me happy!

  147. Julie L.

    Your daughter is very pretty – it’s easy to see why she is your shining star from the pix you shared with us! My daughter, Brittany, is my shining star! Always special from birth, a wonderfully fun little girl and now a brilliant star as a young woman about to be married next month! She has given me so much joy all these years and as an business-woman enables to me reach my dreams. Don’t tell her, but my plan is to give her this quilt as a late wedding present next year!

  148. Sharon Lagace

    My magical star is my son Joseph. He brightens are days with love and humor. The fabric is wonderful!

  149. see mary quilt

    I LOVE your collections that feature a blue color palette. I’m so in on this mystery.
    Your daughter is beautiful. I have two stars my newest grandson who was just born in January and already holds a special place in my heart and his big brother (almost two) who has brought unbelievable amounts of joy and laughter into our lives.

  150. Susan

    My star is my late father, gone from my life for six years now. I look up at stars, and hope that his spirit is somewhere out there, looking back.

  151. Janan

    What a sweet, loving post about your daughter. I guess as most any mother would say, her child is her star. My son is all grown up now, but he will always be the “star” in my life. Thank you for sharing about your daughter. I think this will be a great mystery BOM. And I know the Fat Quarter shop will make it fun!

  152. Elaine

    My stars are my lovely daughter and daughter-in-laws. Couldn’t ask for a more lovely bunch of girls.

  153. Dee

    Oh my, your apple didn’t fall far from the tree – she’s beautiful like her MaMa.

    My daughter and granddaughter are my special stars. I am so blessed as are you.:)

  154. Karen Seafert

    My star is my beautiful, funny, smart little 2 year old girl. I wasn’t suppose to be able to have her and yet through God’s goodness she is here. Even more fantastic she was followed by her darling, sweet baby brother (4 months old)! Their older 10 year old brother – my first star – is as thrilled as we are with our twinkling new additions!

  155. Miss Jean

    My stars are my two children and two grandchildren. My daughter, Dory is so talented and there is nothing she can’t do. My son, Aaron has dedicated his life to his military career. My two grandsons are the moon and stars to me.

  156. Cathy

    Yes, I have a Magical Star, my mother. She was widowed quite young and has experienced other adversity, but emerged from each with her smile intact and has built a fun and fulfilling life for herself. And she admires my quilts.

  157. LJ

    Your star is a real beauty. Our children are always stars in our eyes and in our hearts; I am so blessed to have 3 such stars in my life.

  158. Tami

    The magical star in my life is my youngest daughter. She has a heart the size of Texas and always shows so much compassion towards others. I am very proud of the young woman she has become. Thank you for the opportunity to win some of your very pretty fabric.

  159. Tracey Holzer

    I think that my boys and my husband would agree that my daughter is the Magical Star in my life. She came more than seven years after our boys and she completes our family! I love the turquoise of your daughter’s dress. Very nice.

  160. Susan F.

    Oh my I have been blessed with so many magical stars starting with my Mother, then five children and twelve grandchildren! Thank you for the chance to make a beautiful star with Snowbird fabric.

  161. Sheral Brewer

    Mine by far is my son. I had two miscarriages and almost lost him. He is my only child and so special to me. Of course he is grown now but he will always be my shinning star. Love your work. Hope someday to meet you in person. You are on my bucket list.

  162. Brenda

    My shining stars would be my three children. They have all grown up to be caring and loving people who love God and family. I have enjoyed seeing them learning to stretch their wings.

  163. Allyson D

    Your beautiful fabrics are one of the reasons I signed up this year!! My star is my husband. He is always positive, uplifting and dedicated. He reaches for the stars in everything he does and encourages everyone else to also. He is a fine example for our children and you can’t help but feel good when you are around him.

  164. Lisa Marie

    Well, of course there are my husband and son who are both stars in my eyes. But I also have a great aunt who is 90 years old and doesn’t act her age! I got a lovely note from her just the other day telling about what her kids, grandkids, and great grandkids are up to. She enjoys life and is very inspiring!

  165. Judy W

    I can’t name one Magical Star without naming the other 2, so technically I have 3 Magical Stars. I am also like you making one of my Magical Stars her Prom dress for her final hurrah at the end of the year. We’re both very excited about it. Thanks for the chance.

  166. Sherry

    I have two daughters and they are both Magical Stars to me. They are busy raising their families and sacrificing every day to be the best mothers they can. They are both a special blessing in my life.

  167. donna barwish

    I can’t wait for this one to start either, my shining star would be my mom, watching over everything in my life.. loved the pictures of your magical anna..

  168. Jennifer B

    My Magical star would be my husband who I could not raise my children without. He is a true partner in every sense of the word. Your story was beautiful to read and I am looking forward to the BOTM!

  169. Melissa Quinn

    Two stars in my life: my beautiful daughters Kelsey and Merrilee. They definitely light up my life.

  170. Julia Waterbury

    A beautiful collection and a beautiful daughter! I’m proud of my daughter star Karen as well!

  171. Rina

    My star is my niece, Chandra. I never had children of my own but helped raise her and have the title of Rina-ma. She is model beautiful, 6’1″, smart, and finishing her Master’s in HR. So proud of her.

  172. Karen Margritz

    I’m so excited to get started in this block of the month. I had my reservation in when it first came out. I knew it would be beautiful when I saw the fabrics they had chosen for it. Your block is beautiful just like your daughter. My bright magical star would be my
    dog Lucy. She always makes me smile and laugh when I come home from work. Her tails always wags for me and she always giving kisses. She is the best binding helper around. Who needs binding clips when she is always willing to hold my quilts in place for me:-) Thank you, Karen M

  173. Maryellen

    My son, my niece and my nephews are all magical stars to me. They are all very special people, loving and giving, and fun. I enjoy spending time with all of them, but mostly with my son. He’s so magical, street lights go on when he drives by. Thanks! Anna’s beautiful, and she must be magical because she’s part of you.

  174. Terry

    What beautiful fabric! Thanks so much for the chance to win some! My star is my daughter…she doesn’t hesitate to life life on her terms and I’m so proud of her for that.

  175. Sonja Pritchard

    I have two, my daughter and my son. they’re teenagers now and they make me so proud. They’re polite, considerate, funny, the list just goes on. My life would be empty without them. Lovely designs and what a beautiful daughter you have.

  176. Sherill V

    I have been very blessed with stars in my life! My Amazing Mother, my Wonderful Husband, our Fantastic Sons and now our Delightful Grandchildren! Thank you for the chance to win this lovely fabric.

  177. Pati

    Your daughter is beautiful! My special star is my grandson Ayden. He is loving, sweet and he loves his Nana!!! Thank you for the great giveaway!!!

  178. Michele

    My younger sister Lisa who was born with Down’s Syndrome is my special star. Loving, thoughtful, happy, and caring.

  179. Betty Drake

    I love this quilt and have signed up to make it. It’s going to be very hard to wait for the next block to arrive each month.

  180. Pam

    My star is our 9 mo old grandson, Henry Creighton. He is our joy and whenever we skype, he flaps his little arms in sheer joy and tries to grab the iPad to get to us! He lives 10 hours away in Omaha but we try to see him once a month.

  181. Sharon H

    Your daughter is beautiful and so is the Snowbird fabric! One of my stars is my grandson Tyler. He turned 15 this year and he is just one of those unassuming, quiet, helpful, agreeable kids, even at 15. Due to family circumstances he has lived off & on with us since the day he was born and plopped himself in our hearts to stay. I have six other grand kids who are stars in their own rights, but Tyler holds a special place in our hearts that belongs just to him. Thanks for the chance to win some luscious fabrics.

  182. Lynda H

    I too have already signed up for the mystery star BOM – my star would be my youngest daughter who is of slight build and just 5’tall and gave birth to very healthy triplets (carrying them for 34 weeks) at a very trying time as my husband was hospitalized for six months, finally passing a week after the birth of his grandchildren who lived 3400 miles away – my daughter, who idolized her dad, just concentrated on the babies and somehow found the strength to go on.

  183. Tyler Freburger

    My daughter is my star. She breathes life into everything she does from the moment she wakes up to the time she conks out. Even through the terrible twos there is nothing that makes me happier than getting a big hug from my shining star.

  184. Barbara Johnson

    I have to say that the star in my life is my husband. He is an engineer, and is very neat and orderly, and I drive him nuts because I am neither of those! I am more loosey-goosey and “Whatever”!

  185. Nancy Palmer

    My star is my granddaughter Alyssa. At the age of 2 she climbed into my lap while I was sewing and wanted to help. When she was 4 I bought her a Hello Kitty Janome of her own. She made her first quilt by herself at age 6. She is 10 now and has won 2 blue ribbons at the County Fair in her age bracket for her quilts. She always has a smile on her face and brings joy to my life every day. She is our shining star in a family of stars.

  186. HeatherK

    I love your tribute to your daughter! My kids are my stars–my 16yo amazes me every day with her ability to live in constant pain, my 13yo is so loveable and creative, and my 11yo is so active and just discovered the joys of quilting. I can’t wait to see what amazing adults they’ll be!

  187. Becky S

    My magical star is my niece. She is a sweet and smart young lady who likes to sew and craft as much as I do. Thanks for the chance to win. The Snowbird fabrics are beautiful!!

  188. Karen Watkins

    My magical star is my daughter who serves our country in the US Army Band! I love your beautiful fabric and designs!

  189. Carol

    My shining star right now is my youngest son, who will graduate from college in May. He has worked very hard, past some unexpected health issues, to get there, and we feel so blessed!
    I am sure I will make him a special quilt soon.
    Thank you.

  190. Hildy

    My magical star is my mom she’s so amazing and lovely:-) I can’t imagine life without her (and fear the day it comes).

  191. Pat S

    Beautiful fabric! My stars were my mom and my grandmother – both of them were special women and greatly loved.

  192. janlarson

    My shining star is my daughter Brittney. Didn,t think i could have children , but God blessed me with her. Blue is my favorite color , Love the gingerbread quilt. Thanks for giving us chance to win the fabulous Snowbird jellyroll.

  193. Brenda S

    With so many people that I love it is hard to pick a shining star so I have to go with my 6 shining stars…….my 6 beautiful granddaughters. They are the love of my life. 4 of them live close by and the other 2 live in Florida. Oh how I miss those far away stars!!! I have cross stitched each of them Christmas stockings, they each have a quilt that I have made. The first 3 actually got crib bedding that I made but they came so close together that went by the way side……..LOL.

    I love your Snowbird collection!

  194. Joan Davidson

    My Magical Star is my beautiful granddaughter she is feisty, determined and loving. She has brought so much joy to my life, having three wonderful sons but not a daughter, when she appeared it was my bonus after the boy thing. The boys are wonderful and I wouldn’t change a day but I have to admit she is the sparkle.

  195. Terri M

    I love your new Snowbird line of fabric and can’t wait to start this quilt these Mystery quilts are so much fun. Your story about your daughter was lovely, my 4 children are all my stars they each shine brightly in their own way.

  196. Karen

    My shining star would be my four wonderful boys. I’ve been so blessed to be their mom. I love all of your things so much you inspire me everyday you all your post. I can’t wait for your new line of fabric to come out!

  197. Peggy

    I love all your designs and I have many stars in my life. Right now it is my granddaughter trying to raise .3 little boys on her own

  198. Debi Horne

    It’s very hard for me to pinpoint 1 star, and even though I have 10 grand children I could easily say are my stars, I think I’m going to pick my husband Bob of 33 years. He always makes me laugh, he supports me through everything, and is my best friend.

    Thank you for the chance.

  199. Elaine

    Shining star in my life would be my mother. She died way to young, and I wish she had been here to share my life, my kids, and grandkids.

    Love your blog and quilt designs.


  200. Pat Sisler

    I actually have six stars! I always thought my kids were the best things on earth, they are super, 2 daughters and a son, but they have given me an even greater gift – 5 granddaughters and one amazing grandson. These are my stars – Brook, Alicia, Chloe, Emily, Little Wally and Hope!

  201. Mary Kastner

    My magical stars are my four granddaughters. They all twinkle in their own special way and give me great joy and happiness. Your quilt is beautiful. thank you for a chance to win the jelly roll.


  202. Jodi Connors

    I love these fabrics, so clean and crisp. The colors are so soothing. My magical star is definitely my mom. Through my whole life she has been my best friend, through thick and thin she was always my go to and still is. Even though we live miles apart just thinking of her puts a smile on my face and I know she is always with me.


  203. Sandy D

    I too have already signed up for the Designer Mystery now being made more special with these stories love them. My Magical stars have to be my four daughters, two of which have given us between them 6 more magical little stars.

  204. Janet

    A beautiful daughter, beautiful fabric, a beautiful post! How could I choose just one star?? My husband, 3 daughter and son all bring me so much joy. My kids too all have a version of that smile that melts my heart. Thanks for the chance to win some of your gorgeous fabric line!!

  205. Robyn Brown

    Absolutely! My sweet daughter is my star! We had two boys then God chose to bless us with a girl. She is a delight and she is all girl, all pink and stars and unicorns and rainbows. It’s wonderful.

  206. Margaret

    I have two stars — my two kids. Well maybe 3 — my DH too. lol! Thanks for the giveaway — love the fabric collection!

  207. Patti

    My magical star is my son. He is kind, patient, funny…. I am proud of him and the young man he has developed into. I really like the looks of the mystery quilt with your snowbird fabric. Thanks for showing and sharing.

  208. Shawn

    My son is my star! Can’t say enough about what a good kid he is. Thanks for the chance to win. This quilt is beautiful.

  209. Julie A.

    My star is my 97 yo grandma…still going strong. She is such an amazing woman..had 3rd degree burns from her waist down when she fell in a fire at 9 years old, raised 2 boys on her own, worked 2 jobs to support them, made all her own clothes, built her own home….this lady could do just about anything…….and the changes she has seen in her 97 years (going on 98) is just amazing. Thanks

  210. Sharon Bennett

    The second picture with Anna’s nose all crinkled is so cute! 🙂 My Magical Star is my husband… he is so very patient and he enjoys talking with everyone… Snowbird is another beautiful fabric line… I’ve signed on to the BOM with Fat Quarter Shop… and I hope to keep up with making the blocks each month when they arrive! 🙂

    1. Renee A

      My 85 year old mother is the magical star in my life. Recently I had DVDs made of our family home movies and saw her ‘shine’ through my childhood years as a young mother of four children. Your new fabric collection is beautiful!

  211. May Britt

    I guess daughters are magical stars because my daughter is also the magical star in my life. She is now 25 years old and brings so much joy into my life. Love this quilt and even though I am not a “blue” person I would love to make this quilt in blue fabrics. Cross my fingers and hope to win this Snowbird jellyroll.

  212. Karen M

    I have already signed up for this mystery. I can’t wait to get my hands on this beautiful fabric. The shining star in my life is my DH. He does everything for me so that I can follow my dream.


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