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Sew Caring – Update

So many of you have been making blocks to include with our fundraiser Sew Caring for the victim relief of Hurricane Harvey. 

Thank you so, so much! Words cannot describe the feeling of how wonderful it is to see everyone come together to help.

Colin, what a fantastic job you did on your block! We are so proud of you!

We have been so thankful for all the mail with beautiful blocks and quilts that have come in. We can’t wait to finish them up and deliver them with the money raised from the sales of our
Made in USA pattern.

If you would like to participate, you can do so by purchasing the “Made in USA” pattern by October 15th or by making a block from the quilt and sending it to us by October 1st.

 Another way how you could help: Our friends at Fat Quarter Shop have designed this lovely PDF quilt pattern called “The Healing Hearts” quilt and its rendered in Blue Sky collection. 100% of the proceeds will go to victim relief of Hurricane Harvey through JJ Watt’s Houston based foundation.

I am so proud of Andover.
This is the company that I work with. Their generosity will  have a positive impact on so many people.

It’s amazing to see the quilting community come together to help.
Sew Caring!

Patches of Blue – Win a Book!

The last few weeks were full of changes and adjustments.

My son Micheal went off to college. Yup, I am officially an empty nester now.  I get to stand back and watch him ride the waves of his own life.

In the meantime, my hands are full with quilting.

Since our move to California, I have been exposed to all different kinds of inspiration and I have very much enjoyed the beauty that surrounds me.

Still, I will not shift too far from my roots. Traditional quilting still remains my favorite.

My home was the location where we photographed my new book, Patches of Blue. As you can see, it is as traditional as ever.

I love the simplicity of blue and white quilts…

…and I enjoy decorating with them. I notice, when I splash a little yellow through the house with sunflowers or other accents, my house becomes a farmhouse. When I compliment the house with touches of silver it gives a glamorous holiday feel. With a touch of heart warming red, the house will transform to a Fourth of July celebration. The same blue quilts surrounded with accents of seashells and starfish create the feel of a relaxing beach house retreat.

For some reason even with this cold pallet, all my blue quilts make my home feel warm and inviting.

I can’t wait for you to see my new book full of wonderful patterns so you can make your own beautiful blue and white quilts.

There’s a whole boatload of ideas for you to play with and have some fun!

Don’t forget all the lovely antique quilts at the beginning of the book. They are true eye candies and I am so thankful to Lori Gillick of Eagle Creek Quilt Shop who helped gather many of the quilts including ones from Pat Cox. She was so generous in sharing some beauties from her collection.

Do you have a blue and white quilt? Would you like to make one? Leave us a comment for a chance to win a signed copy of our Patches of Blue book and a fat quarter bundle from Blue Sky collection. Winners will be announced Monday September 18, 2017.

Look forward to hearing from you 🙂

Sew Caring – Texas, we want to help

A long time ago someone recited this poem:

 “Life is mostly froth and bubble;

Two things stand like stone:

Kindness in another’s trouble,

Courage in our own”

– Adam Lindsay.

That is how quilters are to me.

I was fortunate enough to experience firsthand the kindness of quilters. As a group…

or as an individual, they reach out to help others.

Expecting nothing in return, they are just happy to see a smile from the quilt recipient.

Amid the devastation that we witnessed this past week from Hurricane Harvey we have seen tragedy and loss but we have also seen compassion and kindness for those in need of help.  People are doing what they can to assist neighbors and strangers alike during this difficult time.  The damage caused by this storm will continue to be seen after the flood waters recede. Houston and the surrounding areas will continue to need help and support.

We need to stand united.

Laundry Basket Quilts is proud to announce our Sew Caring Fundraiser.  From now until October 15th we pledge that every “Made in USA” pattern that we sell $5.00 of our proceeds will go towards helping with the recovery from this devastating storm.

Click on the link to purchase the pattern.

 Thank you for helping us make a difference.

Our hope is to present “Made in USA” quilts along with the money we raise for families and businesses in the Houston area this October.

We will also be accepting “Made in USA” quilt blocks from any generous quilters that would like to make a block to be included in the quilts.  Make sure to sign your block.  The blocks can be mailed to:

Laundry Basket Quilts
1990 Knoll Dr.
Ventura, CA 93003

There are already amazing quilting stores that are hosting their own fundraisers with “Made in USA” pattern for this important cause.

Prairie Stitches

Fat Quarter Shop

Quilted Moose

Country Traditions

Quilt Merchant

 If you are interested in participating and partnering in Sew Caring, please contact  us via email

 Quilters together can make a difference.