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Reasons for Quilting

Let me be your guide on a walk through historical, political, and personal events that have inspired generations of quilters. In my presentation I reflect on quilters work and how they find inspiration to create, to express, and to mark milestones in their lives. The program is full of historical information as well as touching personal stories that many quilters can relate to. I bring along a large collection of quilts (over 50) that will entertain and inspire your members. I hope to inspire you with many reasons to continue to create and enjoy quilting even more than you do now.


Lecture Price $1000.00 + Travel Expenses

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Fusible Appliqué: "Seasonal Silhouettes"

Prepare yourself for a total treat, laser cut appliqué pieces will give you the head start on completing a beautiful wall hanging quilt with fusible appliqué technique. With the right thread, needle, and Edyta's direction, you will be on the right path to a gorgeous quilt and ready for bigger projects!

Paper Foundation Piecing: "On Eagle’s Wings"

If you like precision sewing, this class is for you! During this class you will learn relationship of various colors, fabric designs, value of measuring and pre-cutting all pattern pieces before sewing, and the precision of paper foundation sewing. Any level of quilters is welcome from beginner to advanced and a starter fabric kit will be provided.

Strip Exchange Workshop: "Spool Quilt"

Enjoy a fabric exchange through this wonderful quilt design “Friendship Spools”. Exchanging fabric, sewing a fabric panel, and learning how to coordinate your scraps will be the steps you’ll experience in this delightful class. Perfect for beginner or advanced quilter.

Triangle Exchange Workshop: "Tree Farm"

Enjoy a fabric exchange using half share triangles made from Laundry Basket Quilts Triangle Paper in this wonderful class. Learn how to use triangles in many different projects including one of my favorites, the "Tree Farm". Perfect for any level quilter.

"Stars in Quilts" Workshop - Guild Favorite!

This is a splendid workshop to honor one of the most common loved quilt designs - a Star. I will help you to create beautiful star blocks and inspire you by sharing my thoughts, knowledge, and star quilts. The "Star in Quilts" workshop features 15 different star patterns. Through these patterns we will look at star blocks, layouts, sashing and different techniques to set stars in quilts.

"Baskets in Quilts" Workshop

With the right tools and a little instruction you will be amazed at how easily you can assemble a basket square. Using a bias tape maker and Quilters tape you will learn to make perfect bias for many projects. This basket pattern is very versatile and can be used for a quilt or wall hanging.

"Broken Star" Log Cabin Class

Learn how you can construct a basic log cabin block and build it into an original setting that creates a broken star pattern using solid dark and solid light blocks. We will discuss the historic beginning of the log cabin block, layout options, and explore the importance of light and dark color values essential to successful log cabin quilts.

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