Quilt Market 2017 – Open House

We just had the pleasure to be a part of the 2017 Quilt Market in St Louis, Missouri.

Our booth was set up  with a lot of beautiful projects from the Blue Sky collection, adorable quilts from the book “Little Handfuls of Scraps,” as well as a few samples from our newest collection of fabrics with Andover, Crystal Farm. For the full Blue Sky catalog click here.

There were a lot of charming projects with this collection at the Andover booth as well.

You could see blue skies in quilts, pillows and purses…

There were matching threads from Aurifil to go with the lovely shades of blues.

Some even like to dress in Blue Sky collection!

I was so happy and smiling, ready to see everyone.

Quilt Market is almost like an open house…

… a great group of friends came by to say hello for the “Little Handfuls of Scraps” book signing.

We talked about the cute projects in “Little Handfuls of Scraps” and everyone was so happy to preview our new book, “Patches of Blue”, coming out October 2017 from Martingale. It is full of wonderful blue and white quilts.

Our new quilt Lucky Charm was a hit!

Quilters canvas is our new fabric consisting of a “linen/cotton” mix with a printed layout for delightful applique and that is what I used for a background for the Lucky Charm quilt.

It is so nice for hand-stitching, you no longer have to trace your designs to your fabric. It is so easy to place your pieces in the right places to create stunning blocks. 🙂

We also took to market our chickens! She’s a part of all our patterns that will come out with the Crystal Farm Collection but more on that in our next blog post!

39 thoughts on “Quilt Market 2017 – Open House

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  2. Cathy

    So very beautiful! I will be waiting to purchase & work with the Quilters Canvas and am hoping we can buy it preprinted with the Lucky Charm quilt layout on it. Hmmm, will there be information available as to how to handle and work with the Quilter Canvas? I would be a little concerned about shrinkage, prewashing and distortion of the appliqué layout. Lucky Charms is gorgeous and I love your line of blues. So crisp, clean and yet warm and inviting. Great wonderful artistry, Edyta.

  3. Susan Nixon

    Thanks for sharing the booth photos. Blue Sky is the first line I’ve bought, as a line, in a long time. So far, I have 8 pieces of it. The blues are wonderful!

  4. Inge

    Will you carry all blue and white fabrics, will there be kits available? So looking forward to the book, I just purchased Little handful of scraps book. Thanks for the blogs


  5. T Craven

    Is there a video for how to worm with the quilters canvas? Love all the pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Sherry

    I think the quilter’s canvas looks pretty interesting. Lucky Charm is a lovely pattern, and of course I’m a sucker for houses, not to mention blue! So that quilt is a double home run! Mama hen with her little baby chicks are so very cute too!!

  7. JoAn Skomra

    Beautiful collection! Thanks for sharing. I love your patterns and fabrics and the printed canvas!! Am anxious to get that design.

  8. Pam Landolt

    What a beautiful open house you put on! The Blue Sky collection is gorgeous, as are the all of the quilts and things made using it. Looking forward to getting my hands on this line and also your Blue&White book this fall.

  9. Gail Cohan

    Everything is just beautiful…I love blue and white and can’t wait until I can purchase the fabrics and book..and the chicken made me smile …home sick with the flu 🙁

  10. Pam Sorensen

    I love everything you put out there, your patterns and your fabrics!! Are you going to be in Grand Rapids in August this year?

  11. Janet Young

    Can’t wait to see the new book. Love your chicken. The blue and white fabric is beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing.

  12. Janan Doster

    Can you tell us which patterns will be in your new book?
    I cannot wait to get Blue Sky in my sewing room!!!!!
    All of your quilts are so beautiful, and I love this new chicken!!!

  13. Linda in Willow

    I cannot wait for the release of your next book with all the blues! I will begin my search to find the fabrics so I will be able to begin as soon as the book is out! Congratulations!

  14. Anne

    Blues of all shades well that is my favourite colour,and you capture these so beautiful
    I Love your tutorials keep them coming, Fabrics are Devine! Many Thanks.

  15. Sharon Aukland

    Such an inspirational designer…thank you! I look forward to your preprinted canvas applique.

  16. Rosalie Roberts

    Love the look of your new blue line of fabric and your new book. Will be needing to get some. Your booth looks exquisite. Your designs are so nice.

  17. Karen D Martin

    Oh my–so much eye candy, and I love it all! I can’t wait to get my hands on Blue Skies and Patches of Blue!

  18. Sandra Stokes

    I can’t wait for this book! What inspiration to get every quilter to makes some new quilts! They are all gorgeous quilt patterns and the fabric line is so gorgeous!! Your creativeness definitely inspires me to quilt!!

  19. Kim

    I can hardly wait to hold the new fabrics from Andover! It’s been a long time since I’ve been so excited about a new line of fabric and the new book.
    Thank you for all you do and for filling me with inspiration.

  20. Diane

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE these, Edyta!!!! I first of all love blue – my all time favorite color – and your quilts and projects are too wonderful. I would love to try the pre-printed fabric — where can I get it here in Southeast NC?! It is awesome —- thank you for all you create for us to glean some inspiration!!!

  21. Cindy Bartels

    I know the four ladies in the book signing. We sew together at our local quilt store. Gkad they got to meet you in person like I did at Shipshewana last June. I am anxcious to try this new preprinted fabric. Blue is my favorite color

  22. Beth T.

    Oh, how wonderful! I look forward to your Quilters Canvas–will that debut in October, to coincide with the book?

    1. nikki yarber

      So excited about every thing I have seen in your post….. I love love love all things blue…. I am looking forward to seeing all this new fabric and book in the quilt stores….. edyta you are one talented lady ….thank you…..

      1. Sandra henderson

        A lot of time and thoughtfulness and went into this…
        My favorite!
        Your work keeps getting better and better!
        Love the linen mix preprinted fabric!
        You’re amazing ( and beautiful!). Congratulations.


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