Over the Rainbow

Hip Hip Hooray!
I finished my quilt top and I am thrilled with it!

 Next step of course is the quilting! I am going to use Hobbs Silk Batting in this quilt to give a very nice “pop” to the applique once it is quilted.

Max’s new friend stopped by to see the quilt also, I think she is day-dreaming of spring and flowers.

 My newest goodies have just arrived! Our new batik collection “Over the Rainbow” (releases May 2012) is the “crayon box” for all of my latest projects and there are plenty of them for you to enjoy!

 If you would like to see more about this new fabric collection please enjoy the video below.

 I love rainbows, I think that you will agree with me that there is something special about them that takes your breath away.


59 thoughts on “Over the Rainbow

  1. Jen

    I’m fascinated with this beautiful quilt and can’t wait to get my hands on the pattern. I’m planning to attempt it block by block by hand appliqueing turn under method I just learned. So you see I’m new to applique, but enthralled by it. Am I crazy to attempt such a feat? (planning to use these same fabrics, then planning to free-motion quilt by machine because I realize how hard it would be to hand quilt through the batik fabric so its not like I’m planning to do the entire project by hand). I’d love to hear thoughts from others. Thanks in advance.

  2. lcollins

    The new umbrella pattern is awesome it reminds me of a quilt my mother made when I was a little kid. Looks like another project needs to be started.

  3. Deb Anderson

    I love your work and your fabrics. Along with your wonderful books. You have a style that inspires me !!. I wonder how do you do everything ? and do it so well ?.

  4. Sheral Brewer

    Love everything you do. I am collecting all your fabric and books. I live in a very small town so have to get most of my supplies online. Again everything is so beautiful.
    Keep it coming I still have room in my sewing room.


  5. Susan

    You have out done yourself!! Love the new Over The Rainbow material and patterns. Can’t wait to put my hands on some. Thank You for having the quilting passion.

  6. Diana Nelson

    I am thrilled with the new silouettes you are offering. I am just starting with applique and this will be a wonderful help to me until I am able to start cutting out my own shapes and get familiar with the prcess of fusing shapes onto fabric. The new Block of the month idea is also interesting to me as well.

  7. Sue

    I’ve pre-ordered this BOM but now I’m wondering about the thread sets. Will the 10 small spools be enough for “blanket stitching” all the applique? I see a variegated thread in the 12 large spool set and maybe another bluish thread? I don’t want to spend the money for the large spools if I’d have enough thread with the smalls. Thanks for your response.

  8. Nancy Cohen

    My local quilt store is offering this quilt as a new BOM. What size is the quilt? It doesn’t say it anywhere.


  9. Barbara Bauman

    I want and need to purchase the small rainbow thread pack but I dont see it on the website. Fabric is beautiful, new quilt is awsome.

  10. Caroline S.

    All I can say is WOW! your work is stunning! Beautiful handiwork! You are blessed with a beautiful talent and I thank you for sharing your talent with us! I can’t wait to order these beautiful fabrics you are holding in your hands..also just started applique just this past Christmas and I love it! I like the idea the appliques pieces are all pre-cut for us too ..A big Thank you! 🙂

  11. Cindy Niedzwiecki

    Hi Edyta- It’s official you really don’t ever sleep.Love the quilt girlfriend! I’m in another exchange from The Quilt Show for the spools quilt exchange. I’ll send a picture when it’s done. It will be a bit.Unlike you I require sleep. It’s the getting old thing. Love Ya Cindy

  12. Sue P

    I love your new fabric and the quilt! I am anxious to get some of your new fabric and your precut appliques. See you soon!

  13. DonnaRose921

    Wow! The colors are exciting and the applique work is beautiful. I’m about to begin the “Hop to It” using the maching applique since I tend to get bogged down with hand work. I truly love your designs and creations.

  14. Fran Kirkwood

    I would love to do your new applique quilt as a BOM. Will it be available on your website? I go to Smith-Owen in Grand Rapids and I don’t know if they will do it or not. Please let me know. Thanks it is gorgeous.

  15. Karen M

    Just Beautiful! It does take your breath away. I can’t wait to see this in the quilt shops.
    I hope my tax refund comes in time:) Thanks for the wonderful fabrics and patterns. You are a terrific quilter!
    Karen M

  16. Sue Winn

    Absolutely stunning is the only thing I can say about your new applique quilt. The fabric line looks amazing and the added Silhouettes are an added bonus. Have always admired appliques quilts, but dreaded the prep work needed to begin. Now you have taken some of the dread out of project. Keep up the fantastic work.

  17. Maree Ratcliff

    Hi Edyta, You have out done yourself again, I just love the bright colours. Will you be selling the fabric and patterns on your site.I am in Australia and it is hard to find things here. Maree.

  18. dawn larsen

    LOVE IT! we need this after the winter season–BTW–did you get my pictures of what i did with your pink and brown triangle exchange?
    dawn larsen

  19. quiltmom anna

    I love the beautiful jewel tone fabrics and your quilt is exquisite. I really admire those who choose to applique because it is a technique that I have not tried nor have the needle work skills to do. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous piece.
    Congratulations on the yummy new fabric line- fabulous fabrics.
    Regards from Western Canada,

  20. Anna

    Edyta, love the new line, and your quilt is beautiful. I’m working on the Farmhouse quilt…am doing a block of the month through Shabby Fabric….I’d like to be able to buy one of everything at their site and yours….someday! Anna

  21. Kelli Ruthruff

    You have done it again…. another BEAUTIFUL quilt. I cannot wait to get my “paws” on the fabric!! You deserve a big gold star!!

  22. Diane Nagle

    What a beautiful quilt! I love that the design takes the main focus and the fabrics are the colors to make it happen. Sometimes the fabric design dominates a pattern, but not in this case! Love it!

    1. Administrator Post author

      I did my quilt top by machine with my new fusible Silhouettes. The pattern includes full size layouts (no enlarging required) and is friendly for hand, machine, and fusible appliquers.

  23. Charlottte A

    Oh my goodness! Your quilt top is just beautiful! You do amazing work.
    The fabrics are gorgeous too. You will make them into something even more beautiful.

  24. Mary Lou Rounds

    I loved the let it snow fabric and quilt that I am making with those fabrics..
    Now, this collection is a must for my next quilt! You are a WONDERFUL designer!
    I love the colors and the designs in the batiks.

  25. Susan Summers

    I love this new collection and can.t wait to purchase all of them. This project will be something I have never tried before. Thanks for the inspiration.

  26. Mandy M

    I’ll be on the look out for these, love the brightness and clarity of the colors! I’m starting to save my pennies, right this minute, in anticipation!

  27. Chuck Blanchard

    Ms. Edyta,

    I don’t think my credit card is going to recover from this. I haven’t touch the fabric, yet and I want all of it. I think I’m going to have to ban your website and emails so I’m not tempted to increase my debt bigger than the federal government. Absolutely beautiful!

  28. Laren

    Wow – the top looks amazing! The colours are gorgeous and the applique is stunning. And the stash you are holding is very drool worthy!! Again, the colours are fantastic!!

    1. Administrator Post author

      I am so happy to hear that you are excited about our new projects – there will be more on they way and I know that many shops are planning to do this as a block of the month.


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