Patches of Blue Quilt Along- Fabrics

Hello and welcome to Patches of Blues quilt along!

My name is Edyta Sitar, the Quilter behind Laundry Basket Quilts, and I look forward to quilting with you. I have made many quilts but this is my first quilt along, so please be patient with me.

This is the quilt that we will be making! It is a sampler from the patterns in our new book Patches of Blue. I will be posting a new blog on the 15th of every month showcasing a new section of the quilt. This quilt is made with our new collection of fabric called Something Blue – unfortunately this fabric will not be available until June 2018 so we will be making our quilts with some of my previous fabric collections.

All that you need is; the Patches of Blue book for cutting directions, fabrics, and your basic sewing supplies.  With every block, I am hoping to share some fun tips and ideas with you.

Let’s start by choosing fabrics! You will need a nice selection of blues and lights.
Before I start a quilt, I pick a stash (a kit) for myself – a basket full of dark, medium, and light colored blues as well as a group of lights with little blue accents for my backgrounds.

If you’re a bit short on blue fabrics, visit your local quilt shop to grab some yardage, or we have some nice Winter Blues and Winter Lights fabric bundles on our website to get you started.

Now, from that basket, we will pick 6 blues and 6 lights in 10″ squares for our first block. Try to remember my rule of 5 when choosing fabrics.

“Rule of 5; big print, medium print, small print, stripes, and polka dots”.

I not only pay attention to the shades of color but also to the print that is on the fabric, we also want to mix batiks and prints into our basket to give extra contrast to our quilt.

This will be our stash (kit) that we will be picking fabric from for all of our blocks. It is also good to repeat some of the same fabrics through all blocks so they have similar DNA and look like they belong together when put into the final quilt.

If your fabrics are ready, you can take a little break before we start on January 15.
Don’t forget to share your pictures with me on Instagram and Facebook with the hashtag

Happy Quilting and I can’t wait to quilt-along with you!

44 thoughts on “Patches of Blue Quilt Along- Fabrics

  1. Marie Lewerenz

    I’m very much interested in joining your sew along. Is it to late to sign up n purchase the kit n pattern?

  2. Florence

    This is the first time I am joining something like this. I am excited!!!
    Thank you for organizing the quilt along. I have a question for you though. How long will you keep the tutorials on line? Are you able to create PDF’s that we can download?

    Thank you,

  3. Theresa Waite

    What size quilt will this make? I’m just getting started collecting my fabrics. Look forward to this project.

  4. Carol

    I have the book and am obsessed with piecing the First Flakes quilt . Now have 10 blocks finished and it’s from my stash but all in blues with cream background. I love it. Want to make several more quilts from that book.

  5. Joyce Bell

    Thank you for offering this quilt! Looking forward to it! Ordering my book in the morning, so I will be a little late starting!

  6. Lenore Guajardo

    I love it…please count me in. Ordered the book and am waiting for it to arrive.

    I will be doing the Farm Quilt as well with The Quilt Show…..I love the Blues fabric..

  7. Clare

    I have ordered my copy from a local quilt shop and looking forward to this coming in the post sometime this week. So looking forward to being part of this QAL. I do have a 86cm of your Sweet Blend blue spot to start collecting towards this quilt. Once my lovely book arrives I can go shopping. 🙂

  8. Sharon

    I have the book and hope to go to Prairie Stitches tomorrow for fabric. I am toying with the idea of using RED. My favorite color. What do you think?

  9. Priscilla Cooksey

    Edyta, I have to be one of your biggest fans! I pre-ordered this book as soon as I knew it was going to be released relatively soon. Blue is and always has been my favorite color. The quilts in this book are amazing! I feel so honored to be doing a quilt along with you. I am also enrolled in your two online classes at Craftsy. It’s going to be a wonderful year – quilting with you… I noticed the two colorways for this quilt are sold out through your website. Is it possible to purchase them anywhere? Are there specific silhouettes for this quilt? Thank you SO MUCH for doing this quilt along. I can’t wait to begin!!

  10. Jenny

    I have my book and I’m excited to begin. Also have a stash of your blues! Two years ago I made Let It Snow Again.

  11. Pat DuBois

    Such a fun idea! I have some leftovers from your Designer BOM that will be perfect for this. I’m also doing the QS BOM and I had to order the kit of your blue fabrics for that. It was my Christmas present from my hubby. They are gorgeous!

    1. Florence


      You are a lucky lady! My husband would never do that for me. He does appreciate what I make but he does not understand why I have to make so many.
      I signed up for the BOM as well.

  12. Faerie

    Edyta, what is the quilt you are standing by in your photo at the top? I love that one, too! Is there a pattern for it somewhere?

    Thanks for your gorgeous quilts. Making them is so much fun!

    1. Lauri

      I recently ordered the pattern for that quilt as I love it too! It is called “Stars Upon Stars” and can be found in the pattern section under traditional category.

  13. Penny

    Any way to get a list of all the fabrics needed for the entire project. My book is backordered so I don’t have ideas on quantities.

  14. Andrea Jawor

    I have many scraps from your fabric lines and some nee Blue Sky. I am looking forward to this as it will help chase away a different kind of “winter blues”!

  15. Emily

    “Patches of Blue” is totally inspirational! I’m already contemplating my stash of blues and lights to get started on this!

  16. Linda McAdoo

    Just got your book on Friday and so anxious to get started, will probably pick up some other blues and creams to go with what I have on Monday when I go to the quilt shop.So excited to get started. Thank you for having what I know will be a wonderful sew along and a gorgeous quilt when we finish.

  17. LisaC

    I am really excited to do this quilt along! It is going to be so much fun looking at everyone’s color combinations. I may have to make more than one! Thank you , Edyta!

  18. Sandy Weber

    Will you offer a bundle of precut Silhouettes for this quilt? Which accuquilt dies would be particularly useful?

  19. Robin Barauskas

    I met you a couple of months ago when you came to our quilt guild in Lakeland, FL. You brought your beautiful quilts and I fell in love with your designs. I ordered the book and I bought two bundles of the Blue Barn Batiks at my last quilt store visit. I have not done a lot in blue, but your color groups are very calming and I love them. I look forward to working on this project with you.
    You are a very warm and loving person. I enjoyed meeting you. If you come back again I am planning on taking your class.
    You have also inspired me to go back and work on my applique designs that I started many years ago.

  20. Sandra Henderson

    I just placed an order on your website and I can’t wait!
    I ordered your patches of blue book for this and a pkg of blue sky silhouettes (I hope that is the correct one for this project). I already have your snowflakes in blue and white.
    I can’t tell you how excited I am about this project! It’s exactly what I need! I lost mr husband 5 years ago and winters can be tough. I’m outside all the other seasons, in my gardens and painting my house, etc.

    I also ordered, in the same order this morning, your quilters patch book and silhouettes
    Now I can dream of my garden as I work on this all winter!

    I don’t know if you are able to sign my books, or not, as you may be traveling. I’d love it if you could. I met you in Paducah 5 years ago. It was so special. I’m so happy for you and your husband. You are an inspiration to so many.
    Thank you and God bless you and your family.

  21. Yvonne

    I look forward to joining this. I have ordered my book from an online store and am still waiting for the delivery– so will be starting later than the 15th. Still undecided if I should use a different set of colours or blue and white.

  22. Margaret harris

    Have done one of your quilts as a block of the month some time ago. Got it from “the Christmas goose” in Vegas. Love your work. As I am from Australia it’s rather a distance to pop in. Anyway as I said I really love your work. Also Love your puppy. I have the last of five toy poodles and they are just beautiful. Happy new year.

  23. Beverly March

    I am looking forward to joining in with the QAL! I have the new book, and it’s just beautiful! Can’t wait to get started!!

  24. diane matthews

    I am anxious to join everyone in this quilt along. It’s the first time I have joined in, but since I have retired from teaching quilt classes, I now have time to sew for myself. I can hardly wait!


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