Patchwork Barn – The Quilt Show

Nervous as a rabbit, I approached the steps to the CBS studio in Denver Colorado,

to tape another episode of The Quilt Show with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tim!

The lights, cameras, and live audience, sure adds excitement to the event.

Maybe standing next to Alex, one of my favorite quilters, was the cause for my enjoyment!

Or maybe I was just thrilled because I brought
“Patchwork Barn”
with me – the new 2018 Quilt Show BOM to share with you!

I just LOVE this quilt! I worked on it all summer.

It has a beautiful selection of 6 inch blocks and appliques side by side.

With the medallion-like center barn block,
this original design is a true playground for any level quilter.

The stunning “Patchwork Barn” quilt is perfect to decorate your home for any season.

If you would like to join, simply click the link above to visit The Quilt Show for more details.

And just in case “blue” is not your thing –  this quilt looks wonderful in any color option!
It is shown above using our “Crystal Farm” fabric collection.

Which color do you think you’d like to use in this quilt?

Happy Quilting!

31 thoughts on “Patchwork Barn – The Quilt Show

  1. Karen Joseph

    I have fallen in love with your quilts since the 2017 October AQS show in Des Moines Iowa. Love the softness and fabric and color , piecing and applique combinations in your quilts. I have been quilting since 1977 and am getting all excited to do new techniques and patterns. Love scrappy quilts, but there is some thing new about your techique and eye for color and patterns combinations. Looking forward to receiving your newsletter and etc.

  2. Deb Worthman

    I’m making this in batiks. My husband’s aunt passed away a little over a year ago and she had lots of batiks. I brought them home with me and waited for the perfect project. I’ll get some creams/whites this weekend and I’ll be set. Thanks for the BOM. It’s going to be fun!

  3. bobbie rumler

    I’m amazed at what you do and love all your quilts….scrappy or otherwise thanks for being such a wonderful person…Corona de Tucson AZ

  4. Mary Lecea

    Edyta, I was present at your very first TQS taping years ago. You had just done a presentation and workshop for my guild a week or two prior. When you walked in and saw me, you relaxed and said something like “ At least there will be one familiar face in the audience!” But of course your husband was there too. Somehow I think that show really boosted you into the stratosphere, where you continue to inspire so many quilters. Bravo! Well done! It was a thrill to know you designed 2018’s TQS quilt.

  5. londa

    i have just finished. BLUE TREE FARM (MY SEcoND FARM!) , SWEET BLEND in the leftover blues,so it will be BLUES!!

  6. Mary Lin Truelove

    Have never tackled a BOM but have made your spook quilt, your scrappy house quilt and purchased the Accuquilt died
    You have designed. Love everything you have ever designed and was so excited to watch the recent quilt show episode. In fact I have watched it twice. Kits were sold out the last time I tried to order. Will try again and/or just follow along. So excited!

  7. Terry

    Hi Edita,
    I am a member of the Quilt Show in which the 2018 quilt Patchwork Barn Quilt is featured. Will I be able to download the quilt pattern without buying the fabric kit?
    Thank you

  8. Louise

    Edita, you are one of my favorites, as is Alex Anderson and Ricky Timms! You had nothing to fear, my friendly quilter, as your blocks and designs and fabrics are wonderful! I hope to make this beautiful quilt in the blues! Stay well and warm and Happy New Year! Louise

  9. Charae Hemphill

    Can’t wait to start this BOM! In BLUE! The show was really good, Edyta. You didn’t look nervous as a rabbit at all and you gave us some really great information. Thanks!


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