Quilting With Friends -Signature Quilt

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of hosting a very special group of friends for a little 101 quilting lesson.We enjoyed making a block from one of my new patterns, Made in USA using Blue Sky collection from Andover and Sweet Blend from Moda.

Everyone had so much fun and the blocks came out so beautiful. It was quite appropriate since the girls that were making them are wives and a daughter of our servicemen. Everyone was planning to use the blocks in different ways; as place mats, wall hangings and pillows.

I managed to make a few extra blocks with the help of one of the girls mom – enough for a quilt. Then I chose this label fabric (French General for Moda Fabrics) for a backing and quilted it just in time for a special day.

The quilt turned out beautiful and the lovely couple that received this gift were so happy.

My favorite part was that all the guests at the wedding got to leave their own messages and well wishes to congratulate them.

This may be one of my favorite projects so far. Sometimes that personal touch is what makes a quilt very special.

21 thoughts on “Quilting With Friends -Signature Quilt

  1. Sharon B.

    As always, you have beautiful fabrics and patterns… but, I love the idea of label backing for signatures! Every wedding/reunion should have a quilt like this! 🙂

    1. Suzanne

      When I was involved with Quilts of Valor, we were not to use the American flag as the recipient soldiers (usually those who had been injured) equated the flag draping a casket. We also did use any fabrics which showed explosions for obvious reasons.

  2. Renee Welton

    Oh I just love this idea! I hosted our family reunion a few years ago and it was patriotic theme. I did have a quilt for signatures but this would have been so much better!!

  3. Kat

    I love the signature fabric! Brilliant idea!!
    I cut individual blocks to be signed and marked seam allowance with instructions to NOT wire beyond the line.. Now what do I do with all the ones written in the seam allowances?? Ughhh

  4. Cristes Magnani Ganoe

    I love the American Flag quilt! I served in the army as a young woman, my Mother and Father served during WW JI.. My niece graduated West Point and served in Iraq, sooooo I am thinking I need to make this quilt. I also can’t wait for your farm line of fabric to come out in Oct.
    You are such an inspection …thank you!
    Cristes Magnani-Ganoe

  5. Rita Nichols

    What a wonderful idea and a great gift. Having served as a military wife for 21 years while my husband bounced around the world with the Air Force I can tell you that this quilt will hold so many memories and anchor this couple to a very special time and place in their lives.

  6. Miss Jean

    Are you going to kit this up? I would love to make this for my son who is retired (23 years) Navy.

  7. Shirley Rose Winn

    Our 31 year old Grandson was born on the 4th of July. Plan to make your Flag Quilt w/labels on the back. Shall give to him when he finds the right girl to marry. Your design, fabrics, and total idea are awesome❤️

  8. Maureen

    Bought the pattern. Love the Quilt! Best Wishes to the new Navy wife from this old Marine Corps wife :).


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