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Flower Box

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Traditional Quilt Pattern

Finished quilt size is 71" x 71".

Fabric Requirements:

Baskets and Handles:1-1/4 yard total dark fabrics (1/4 yard each of A-8759-N, A-8754-K, A-8752-N and 1/2 yard of A-8750-K)

Diamonds: 1 Sequoia Fat Quarter Bundle or 9 fat eighths dark and 7 fat eights light fabric

Basket Background: 2 yards (A-8756-L)
Basket Background and Border: 2½ yards (A-8759-L)
Binding: ⅔ yard (A-8757-T)
Backing: 4½ yards (A-8750-L)
For the appliqué you can use:

1 LBQ-0356 Silhouettes laser cut pieces

or if you choose to do hand applique

Berries, leaves and branches:
4 fat eights in pink (berries)
8 fat eighths in green and blue (leaves)
4 fat quarters in black (branches)

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