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Heat N Bond Lite 17in x 1.25yd

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Perfect for all of your Laundry Basket Quilts applique projects!

A paper backed sheet of solid lightweight, heat activated adhesive. HeatnBond® Lite is iron-on, sewable, double-sided adhesive for bonding fabric without extra weight or stiffness. Use it for appliqué shapes on quilts, wall hangings and attire. Draw or print directly on the paper backing to easily design appliqué pieces!

Features & Benefits:

•17 in x 1.25 yds (43 cm x 1.1 m)

•Heat activated


•Double-sided adhesive

•Solid sheet adhesive on a paper backing

•For use on fabric

•Doesn’t gum up needles!

•Eliminates pinning!

•Proudly made in the USA!

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