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Kitchen Towel - Hearts, Content

LBQ-1637- H
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Welcome to Laundry Baskets Home!

Let us share with you our favorite kitchen towels. With a beautiful quilt design, these towels are not only durable but also the perfect way to add a pop of color to your home!
Wipe your kitchen counters, dishes, glasses, and cutlery for a streak-free clean with your new waffle weave drying towel. This towel does more than just dry; it's also great for scrubbing away pesky food debris or dust and dirt on windows. When it gets fully saturated, simply wring it out and watch how fast it dries!

16" x 24" Microfiber Waffle Weave Towel

  • Uses: Great on glass, wood, laminate, tile, stainless steal, and even automobiles! These towels were made to clean.
  • Method: Do you open if like a washcloth or fold it into quarters?
    Drying Dishes, Pots, & Pans: Most effective when used open.
    Counter Tops, Mirrors, & Windows: Fold twice and use as a wiper. Folding allows you to keep areas of the cloth completely dry, so when you move on to the next surface to clean, you just refold the towel for a fresh, dry side!
  • Care: Machine wash in cold water. Simple detergents, no softeners. Dry low/no heat. Use dryer balls to knock out hairs and lint. Keep dirty towels in ventilated bags to reduce germ growth.
    Care NOT to do: Do not wash/dry in high heat. Do not use with strong amounts of bleach.
  • Proudly printed in the U.S.A

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