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Pieced Quilt Pattern using our "Primrose" fabric collection.

Quilt size is 66½" x 78½"

7 light fabrics:
1 1/4 yard of A-526-L
1/4 yard of A-525-E
Fat sixth of A-523-L
Fat quarter of A-530-E
1/3 yard of A-521-L
1/2 yard of A-530-T

1/2 yard of A-525-T

13 blue and brown fabrics:
1/2 yard of A-533-T
1/4 yard of A-521-N
Fat sixth of A-524-T
Fat eighth of A-522-N
3/4 yard of A-535-T
1/4 yard of A-525-NE
1/2 yard of A-528-TN
10" square of A-524-NT
1/2 yard of A-521-T
Fat quarter of A-524-VN
1/3 yard of A-522-T
1/3 yard of A-528-V
Fat eighth of A-187-V
6 pink fabrics:
1/3 yard of A-521-E
1/3 yard of A-524-E
Fat sixth yard of A-522-E
Fat eighth of A-529-E
1/3 yard of A-533-E
Fat quarter of A-528-E

1 yard of blue fabric

2/3 yards of blue fabric A-187-NV
4 3/8 yards
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