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Stencil - Applique Silhouettes

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Appliqué Silhouettes are perfect tools for any quilter or craftsmen!

This beautiful collection contains three rulers, each selected from a group of frequently used appliqué shapes:
• Branches and Leaves
• Flowers & Berries
• Fun Shapes

These rulers are easy to use and splendidly complement each other to create the most stunning designs.

Easy to trace onto any surface, these convenient, reversible toolsprovide accuracy while tracing multiple shapes and sizes. Can be used on either side to create a right and/or left image if necessary. Use directly on fabric to outline your desired shapes for hand appliqué. For machine and fusible appliqué, these silhouettes provide the convenience of drawing on freezer paper or fusible webbing with incredible accuracy, especially if multiple pieces are required.

Appliqué Silhouettes are wonderful for helping you release your creative thoughts and for getting the outcome you need for your desired projects. Once you experience Appliquéed Silhouettes they are sure to become one of your favorite quilting tools.

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