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Sweet 16 Fat Eighth Bundle

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Beautiful selection of 26 fat eighths (9" x 21") of reds, pinks, and lights from Edyta Sitar's "Sweet 16" fabric collection.

Bundle includes:
9595-E, 9594-EL, 9591-EL, 9592-EL, 9587-R, 9589-L, 9577-RL, 9585-R, 9588-R, 9578-R, 9584-E, 9589-E, 9593-E, 9594-E, 9586-E, 9579-R, 9584-R, 9580-R, 9582-R, 9577-R, 9581-R, 9589-R, 9591-R, 9594-R, 9582-R1, 9581-R1
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