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Trip Around the Island - Cocoa Pink PDF (download)

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Trip Around the Island - Cocoa Pink
Traditional Quilt Pattern
This pattern looks great in any color combination! This beautiful quilt has been done with our BRAND NEW "Cocoa Pink" Collection.

Finished quilt size is 76.5" x 76.5"

Fabric Requirements

Quilt Center (strips width of fabrics 1-22)
2½"- dark red fabric A-598-R
2½"- beige fabric A-606-N
2½"- red fabric A-597-R
2½"- light print fabric A-725-LE
5"- light pink fabric A-731-E
5"- taupe fabric A-609-N
5"- beige fabric A-606-N
5"- light print fabric A-726-L
7½"- red fabric A-602-R
7½"- taupe fabric A-599-E
7½"- light fabric A-612-LN
7½"- pink fabric A-605-E
10"- pink fabric A-603-E
10"- light fabric A-727-LE
10"- light pink fabric A-611-LE
10"- light pink fabric A-730-E
12½"- light red fabric A-606-R
12½"- red fabric A-600-R
12½"- dark taupe fabric A-596-NE
12½"- light fabric A-603-LE
15"- light fabric A-195-LE
15"- dark pink fabric A-731-E

Triangles: 3/4 yard dark taupe fabric A-598-NE
Border: 2½ yards light print fabric A-725-LE
Binding: 2/3 yard light red fabric A-606-R
Backing: 4½ yards light fabric A-727-LE
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