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4th of July Fabric Contest Winners

Thank you all so much for participating in our First Laundry Basket Quilts 4th of July Fabric Contest!

This could not have been more fun!

I love all of the beautiful projects you have submitted.

SEW proud of you!

It's time to choose our winners!

I want to congratulate all of this years 4th of July Laundry Basket Quilts

Fabric Contest Winners.

The hard work and creativity you put into these projects really shows - I am SEW proud of each and everyone of you! You have truly made art with your quilt designs.


1st Place Barbara Shaffer - 1188 Votes

2nd Place

Rebecca Breitkreuz Sanford - 1147 Votes

3rd Place

Lisann Durm - 880 Votes

                  Edyta's Choice Staff Choice

Janet McCann Melissa Andrzejewski

                   Best Use of Fabric Best Piecing

                        Carrie McFarland Dora Lockwood

                   Best Quilting Best Appliqué

                          Sharon Louise Harvey Toni Bartlett

          Smallest Project Random Lottery

                            Louise M Duff Hope Volpe

                  Biggest Project - Winner Tie!

                          Peggy A Bright Emily Brewster

Congratulations to you all!

If these submissions or maybe something I have designed have inspired you -

we have Red, Light, Blue, and Star panel fabrics for you on our website!

Just click the link above!

Hope these patriotic quilts brought some scrappy fireworks to your 4th of July celebration!

Happy Independence Day!

Continue to sew and share your patriotic projects with us on social media! #4thofJulyFabricContest

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Happy Quilting!


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Jul 12

Congratulations to everyone. All the quilts are gorgeous!!😍😍


Jul 05

I'd love to see the prizes.

Jul 08
Replying to

The prizes are shown in the previous blog, Vote for 4th of July Fabric Contest! Looks like so much fun!


Jul 05

I am awed at how beautiful all the quilts are! What a fun contest. Congratulations to everyone!


Jul 04

WOW WOW WOW! Everyone should be so proud. Congratulations


Jul 04

All of the quilts are beautiful. Congratulations to all who participated!!!!

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