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A Season in Blue Quilt Along - "Alaska" Month 6

This month, we will be working on blocks from the Alaska Quilt.

Each month we are making individual blocks

from a selection of quilts found in our "A Season in Blue" book.

This will give you a chance to try some of the beautiful patterns

and grow as a quilter, as we create a Block Sampler.

For more information about this event, click here.

Our month 6 block will be from

the “Alaska” quilt on page 33 of our "A Season in Blue" book.

Please note: Fabrics in step-by-step photos and videos may vary from my blocks.

These will be provided to demonstrate the technique, and how to make your blocks

through the step-by-step photos and videos.

I will share with you the fabrics I will be using for each block, but

I encourage you to get creative this year and choose fabrics that you love!


We will be making this block from "Alaska" in a variety of fabrics!

Gather your supplies and follow the cutting directions on page 29 and 30 of the "A Season in Blue" book.

I recommend 5 blues, 5 accent blues, 5 medium lights and 5 light fabrics.

Did you notice our Blue Escape and Seabreeze Collections? Those are perfect for this project!

I am going to be using Alaska Acrylic Templates or Alaska Creative Grids Ruler for cutting.

Aurilfil 2325 for piecing, Sewline Pencil for marking, and Patchwork pins for pinning.

For our Block Sampler, we will be making 5 of these blocks.

(The construction of this block is the same as our Alaska block 2, page 30 and 31 in our book)

Get creative with those color choices!

Remember, read through this entire blog before you start cutting.

Don't forget to visit our YouTube channel. If you need a little extra help,

click here to watch and get helpful tips for this block!

For one Alaska Block , you will need the following:

Cutting: 4 - piece A (blue fabric)

8 - piece B (light fabric)

4 - piece C (accent blue fabric)

4 - Piece D (medium light fabric)

For our Block Sampler, we will be making 5 total Alaska Block 2s- I can't wait to sew them with you!

Arrange one Diamond A and two Half-Diamond Bs. Mark both Half-Diamonds.

Pin and sew the first Half-Diamond B to Diamond A. Press seams open before sewing the next.

Pin and sew the second Half-Diamond B to create a diamond wedge unit.

Use your Wedge C template to precisely trim and square up unit. Press seams open.

Repeat these steps for the remaining 3 Diamond wedges.

Edyta’s Tip: Notice the bunny ears peaking out after we press– grab your sewing scissors and snip it off to prevent it from showing on your finished quilt.

For the corner units, mark Triangle D and pin to Wedge C before sewing.

Press seams open.

Repeat to make all four corners units.

Pin wedge unit to each corner unit..., and press seams open.

Pin and sew quarter units together into block halves.

For more details please watch YouTube channel or the video provided at the beginning of this blog.

Sew two halves together to complete block and press seams.

Repeat 4 more times with your various light and blue color pairings to make a total of five Alaska Block 2s.

Congratulations! You have now made the "Alaska" Block 2s for your Sampler Quilt.

Here's some color inspiration for you!

If you would like to, you can sew 4 blocks together in a row and save one block for later.

The Blue Escape fabrics really sparkle in this pattern!

The Strawberries and Cream Collection just takes the cake!

Keep up the good work everyone!

Oh I just can't wait to see how your

color combinations are coming together.

Happy Quilting!

Don't forget to share your pictures with us on Instagram!

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1 Comment

Jun 23, 2023

would you ever come up with a color page for this pattern or any of your patterns? would love to see other options with this quilt and don't want to cut material without seeing the colors.

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