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A Season in Blue Quilt Along - "Blooming Star" Month 3

Welcome to "A Season in Blue" Quilt Along -

Let's learn how to make a quilt "glow" with this month's block.

Each month we are making individual blocks

from a selection of quilts found in our "A Season in Blue" book.

This will give you a chance to try some of the beautiful patterns

and grow as a quilter, as we create a Block Sampler.

For more information about this event, click here.

Our third month's blocks will be Shooting Stars from

the “Blooming Star” quilt on page 50 of our "A Season in Blue" book.

Please note: Fabrics in step-by-step photos and videos may vary from my blocks.

These will be provided to demonstrate the technique, and how to make your blocks

through the step-by-step photos and videos.

I will share with you the fabrics I will be using for each block, but

I encourage you to get creative this year and choose fabrics that you love!


We will be making this Star block in a variety of fabrics!

Gather your supplies and follow the cutting directions on page 51 of the "A Season in Blue" book.

For our Block Sampler, you will need 5 Star Blocks.

Have fun picking out your fabrics and get creative with those color choices!

The directions below are to compliment the full directions in our book, A Season in Blue.

For full instructions, refer to pages 51-54.

Don't forget to visit our YouTube channel. If you need a little extra help,

click here to watch and get helpful tips for this block!

Are you ready to make some stars? For one block, you will need the following:

Cutting: From dark fabric, cut 12 Template A pieces.

From light fabric, cut a 2½" x 18" strip. Then cut 12 Template B triangles.

Each Star block is created from 12 A and 12 B pieces.

For our Block Sampler, we will be making 5 total star blocks. You will need 60 A and 60 B pieces total.

Starting with the dark A piece right side up in your hand.

Fold in half, right sides together, as shown.

Sew from the side point to the tip along top of the blade using a ¼" seam allowance.

Trim inside top tip of seam allowance, leaving at least ⅛" seam.

Note: Please notice that for step-by-step pictures, I am using the same darks to simplify the pictures and help you focus on the technique. For your block you can mix and match darks or keep them in the same fabric as you desire.

Turn the blade right side out and use a chopstick or blunt edge poker to fully turn point.

Center the seam on the backside of A piece and press blade firmly, pushing seam allowance to one side. Repeat for all A pieces.

Edyta's Tip: Sewing, turning, and pressing the A blades

goes very quickly if you're using a chain-piecing technique.

Next, take light B triangle piece and fold the top tip down ¼", wrong sides together, and finger press.

With wrong sides together, fold light B triangle in half lengthwise as shown.

Place dark blade A right side up, then place folded light B triangle on the right-hand edge of the A blade. Align all raw edges together and pin.

Lay a second dark A blade right side down atop the pinned A blade and sandwich the B "glow" between them. The light B triangle will be wedged between the two A blades.

Beginning with a backstitch to lock your seam, sew through all three pieces using a ¼" seam allowance. Repeat two previous steps to make 6 matching pairs of dark A blades with a light B triangle inserted between them in each seam.