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A Season in Blue Quilt Along - "First Dance" Month 2

Updated: Mar 9

Welcome to "A Season in Blue" Quilt Along -

Let's keep the momentum going with some Nine Patch blocks!

Each month we are making individual blocks

from a selection of quilts found in our "A Season in Blue" book.

This will give you a chance to try some of the beautiful patterns

and grow as a quilter, as we create a Block Sampler.

For more information about this event, click here.

This month we making will be some sweet little Nine Patches from

the “First Dance” quilt on page 40 of our "A Season in Blue" book.

Please note: Fabrics in step-by-step photos and videos may vary from my blocks.

These will be provided to demonstrate the technique, and how to make your blocks

through the step-by-step photos and videos.

I will share with you the fabrics I will be using for each block, but

I encourage you to get creative this year and choose fabrics that you love!


We will be making this fun block in a variety of fabrics!

Gather your supplies and follow the cutting directions on page 41 of the "A Season in Blue" book.

For our Block Sampler, you will need 25 Nine Patches and 25 light background squares.

Have fun picking out your fabrics and get creative with those color choices!

Don't forget to visit our YouTube channel. If you need a little extra help making nine patches

from this First Dance quilt , then click here to watch and get helpful tips!

Let's get started with our 25 Nine Patches. I am going to use strip piecing to speed things up. In the book directions, I use 20" long strips , but for this project I'll be using 10 1/4" strips for more variety.

Cutting: 18 strips, 1¼" x 10¼" in blue.

15 strips, 1¼" x 10¼" in light.

Select and arrange 2 dark strips and 1 light strip to make your first A strip set.

We will make 7 strip sets.

Edyta's Tip: I like to mix and max my blues for a more scrappy look to my Nine Patches.

Pin and sew your strips together. Press towards the dark strips to complete one strip set.

Repeat to complete all 7 strip sets.

Don't forget to get creative with your fabric choices!

Arrange and sew 2 light strips and 1 dark strip to make a B strip set.

Press seams towards the dark strip.

For our Block Sampler, make 4 B strip sets.

Next, we will cut each strip set.

Edyta’s Tip: Make sure to use a fresh rotary blade for clean cuts, and then use your handy-dandy fabric markers to keep track of them all!

With your fresh rotary and a ruler, cut eight 1¼" wide units from each strip set.

For our Block Sampler, you will need 50, Unit A strip sets

and 25, Unit B strip sets to make a total of 25 Nine Patches.

You will have a few extra pieces. Feel free to use these for extra variety!

Select and arrange 2 Unit A, and 1 Unit B.

Pin and sew units together to make a Nine Patch. Press seams towards Unit A.


Each Nine Patch should measure 2¾" x 2¾" including seam allowances.

Trim where necessary. You will make 25 total Nine Patches.

I hope you're having SEW much fun selecting your color combinations!

Select your light fabrics for background squares and

follow the directions for cutting on page 41 of the the "A Season in Blue" book.

Edyta's Tip: The background squares are so cute and add a nice playful element to your quilt. You can use the same fabric for all of them. If you love a scrappy look like me, just go for it and use a nice variety.

For our Block Sampler, you will need 25 background squares 2¾" x 2¾".

Next, we are going to be sewing 2¾" light background squares and Nine Patches as shown above.

Sew a Nine Patch to Background Squares, then sew into rows.

Remember to rotate every other one as shown above and pin.

Row size will be 5" x 56½" unfinished.

If your row is big, you can trim down to 56½", or adjust your 1/4" seam allowance between your units.

Your rows should look like this once assembled.

Here's is your First Dance color inspiration!

I'm using some of the Blue Escape fabrics - let these gorgeous blues wash over you!

Or how about these Strawberries and Cream fabrics?

Aren't they SEW delicious!

Congratulations! You have made your First Dance row for your Sampler Quilt.

Happy Quilting -

Until next month.

Don't forget to share your pictures with us on Instagram!


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