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Alaska Rainbow Quilt Along – Week 1

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Welcome – I’m so glad you joined me to start our Alaska Rainbow Quilt Along!

Every week I will showcase 2 blocks that will help build your skills and introducing more difficult ones as we go. I am so excited to get quilting with you! First, we will focus on making our Alaska Rainbow quilt with

the Century Solids Collection from Andover.

I will be making my blocks using our Pre-Cut kit. For those cutting your own fabric, please make sure to visit our YouTube channel for a wonderful video on how to cut with templates. For the first two blocks, you will need the Alaska Rainbow Pattern, Alaska Templates (if you are cutting your own fabric), Rotary, Ruler, and Aurifil thread 2310.

Block 1 – Arrange all of your pieces to form the first block. We will be making a total of 4 Block 1’s. When making blocks, I prefer to try one all the way through first so that I can learn the technique and see what works best for me before repeating.

Pin and sew Triangle D with Wedge C as shown above. I use my templates not only to cut but also to mark my sewing points.

Repeat this step 3 more times to make all four corners of the block.

For the Century Solids fabric, I decided to break the rules and open my seams instead of

pushing them in one direction as recommended in the pattern.

The pattern provides the correct pressing direction – pushing seams one way to lock seams,

but I did this to prevent any chance of the darker colors to peeking through the lighter ones.

Next add wedge C to each of the corner units…

…and remember to press the seams open.

Sew all four units together to finish Block 1. Repeat all of the steps above 3 more times to complete all four Block 1’s.

Again, notice how all the seams are open in the back. For more details please visit our YouTube channel.

Block 3 – Arrange all your pieces as shown above. We will be making another 4 blocks.

Pin and sew Triangle D to Wedge C…

…and then press the seams open like we did with Block 1. Repeat 3 more times to make all four corners of the block.

Now add a Wedge C to each of the corner units and remember to keep the seams open.

Combine the units so that you have two halves of a block.

Line up and pin the halves together.

Then sew and press open seams to complete your block. Repeat 3 more times to finish all four Block 3’s.

This is how the back of your block should look with all the seams pressed open. For more details please visit our YouTube channel.

For all my adventurous scrappy sewers out there, let’s shake things up! I have chosen our vibrant Color Splash Roll and Olive Branch Fat Quarter Bundle to spice up my rainbow.

Are you as excited as I am for how this quilt will come together? There are so many ways to play and personalize it just for YOU!

Block 1 – Cut your fabric using the Alaska Templates (Triangle D and Wedge C) and arrange them as shown above. Continue to follow the same steps of pinning, sewing, and pressing as directed in the pattern to complete four Block 1’s.

Block 3 – Cut and arrange your pieces as shown and again follow the above steps to complete Block 3. Repeat this three more times for a total of 4 blocks.

Great job everyone – I cannot wait to see how all of your quilts blossom! Please make sure to tag us in your progress pictures along the way at #alaskarainbowquiltalong Happy Quilting! Edyta

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