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Alaska Rainbow Quilt Along – Week 3

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Welcome back for the third week of our Alaska Rainbow Quilt Along. I’m so happy to be quilting with you all each week!

Don’t “fall” behind — check out last week’s blog to see what you might’ve missed or to refresh yourself with our newly acquired technical skills. Keep up the hard work, I think everyone is doing great!

Please don’t forget to send us or post your progress pictures along the way. We really love seeing how each and every one of you are doing with your Alaska Rainbow blocks!

This week we will be working on Blocks 4 and 8.

Block 4 – We will make a total of 4 Block 4’s. Begin by arranging your cut pieces to form the block. This block has two new shapes, so lets start here.

Combine one Diamond A, two Half-Diamond B’s, and one Triangle D using all the techniques you have learned thus far:

Start by marking one Half-Diamond B before pinning and sewing it to Diamond A. Now do the same to the second Half-Diamond B. Press seams open.

Now mark, pin, and sew Triangle D on top to complete your first corner.

Note: Press seam allowance towards Triangle D.

Repeat the above steps 3 more times to complete all four corner units following the pattern’s listed colors.

For your wedge units, use the same methods learned last week and continue to master your quilting abilities.

Repeat 3 more times until you have a total of four wedge units.

Assemble your sewn units into the block once again. Pin and sew each unit following the basic kaleidoscope skills we learned last week.

Now your block should be in 4 separate units.

Edyta’s Tip: Square off your units before sewing the block together allows for you to achieve nice, flat square block.

Most of the questions and concerns that we have received from the last two weeks has been

“How can I get my block to lay flat? Is there a way to square things up?”

The best way to check your unit to make sure that it’s 90° is by placing your ruler right over the unit. Match the 45° line with the center seam, and check that everything aligns.

If needed, use your Creative Grids ruler and Olfa rotary, square off each of the units for perfect 90° right angles.

Pin and sew 2 halves together before pinning again to sew the remaining halves together to complete the block.

Press and trim. Repeat this whole process 3 more times for a total of four Block 4’s.

This block arrangement is the most difficult one that you will have to do. I am so proud of you! Lets reward ourselves with a simple one.

Block 8 – We will be making a total of four Block 8’s. Arrange all your fabric as shown above.

Start by marking two Wedge C’s and one Triangle D.

Pin Triangle D to Wedge C at the marked points before sewing. Press seams open before adding the next Wedge C.

Repeat this process 3 more times to make all four corners of the block following the pattern’s listed colors.

Combine the units so that you have two halves of a block. Line up the halves and pin together.

Sew and press seams open to complete your block.

Repeat these steps 3 more times to finish all four Block 8’s.

I think scrappy and happy rhyme for a reason. I am always happy when I get to play scraps!

Scrappy Block 4Cut your fabric using the Alaska Templates and arrange them

as shown above. Continue to follow the same steps of marking, pinning, sewing,

and pressing as directed in the pattern for Block 4.

Repeat this exact color arrangement 3 more times to make four Block 4’s.

Scrappy Block 8Cut and arrange your pieces as shown then follow the steps above to complete Block 8. Repeat this exact color arrangement 3 more times for all four Block 8’s.

Keep finding Rainbows no matter where you are!

Happy Quilting! Edyta

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