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Broken Star Log Cabin

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

I am on Cloud 9 with this cute Broken Star Log Cabin! This pattern comes with 2 block sizes and pictured above is the smaller option using 5″ unfinished blocks.

They are so beautiful; shades of blues, navies, and lights!

And perfect for this cute project! All you have to do is cut some strips, follow the pattern, and you are on your way to enjoy some chain sewing.

I chose yellow for the center. Start by sewing it with a light square, right sides together.

Push your seam allowance toward the yellow square.

Next add a light strip to the unit.

Then a blue strip!

Finally add one more blue strip to the remaining side of the unit.

Remember to push your seam allowance toward the outside of the block.

Time to trim!

Let’s add a light strip!

One more light strip to the same side as the other lights. Keep pushing those seams toward the outside!

Add a blue strip!

One more blue strip and trim!

As soon as you finish trimming, you will add one more round of strips – 2 light and 2 blue. Trim.

Add one more round of strips and trimming and you will have completed your block!

I love how these blocks look all together in the quilt with some feather quilting!

With a delicate touch of blue binding, this quilt may be my favorite!

Please make sure to tag me on your Log Cabin Quilts!

I can’t wait to see your beautiful creations.

Happy Quilting Edyta

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