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Common Bride QA - Week 6

Welcome to our Common Bride Quilt Along!

And now we get to fill our baskets with beautiful flowers!

I love appliquéing and this appliqué is going to be sew cute!

I am quilting using the Common Bride Fabric Kit and adding some scraps from my stash.

You can use this same kit or this is a perfect time to select some beauties from you own stash and enjoy all your fabrics to make this design your own!

Who's ready to garden?

Please don't forget to refer back to your Common Bride pattern for cutting measurements.

Center Appliqué

This week, I am so excited for you to add beautiful flowers to your quilt.

Using your favorite appliqué technique, add appliqué pieces to center of quilt.

Follow layout for correct placement and order of assembly.

Add the Background Border and Cornerstones to the Appliquéd Center as shown.

Press away from the Cornerstones and Center.

If your Eight Point Star blocks are finished, this would be a good time to add them to the quilt.

Begin by sewing Eight Point Stars into 2 rows of 5, and 2 rows of 7.

Sew them to the center as shown below.

Push seam allowances toward the center of the quilt.

Visit our YouTube Channel for our Common Bride - Week 6 video.

Download this week's Blog here.

You are doing such great work!

Sew and share your progress with us! #CommonBrideQuilt

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Happy Quilting!


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