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Dancing in the Rain

Silhouette Challenge Update

Thank you for all of the fantastic project photos you are sending to me made with the Fabric Silhouettes, I am truly enjoying your creativity! Please keep sending photos to my email, I will collect all of them and create a post on the blog for everyone to enjoy next month. We will also have our drawing to find out who will receive an early copy of “Scrappy Fireworks”

 It’s raining outside and I’m dancing in puddles of fabulous fabric inside!

 Samples of my new collection “Dancing in the Rain” have arrived and I am enjoying the process of creating something fun for Spring Market! It always starts like puddles of color…

…and after a bit of dancing, splashing, and stomping my feet –  it slowly begins to take shape.

With a gentle touch and a bit of patience, it finally becomes the expression that I am looking for. This is one of the 3 table toppers in our new pattern “Rainy Day Trio”.

 Everything in the spring looks better after rain; I glanced through the window and saw my daughter, Anna, dancing in the rain with her camera catching these beautiful blossoms.

 The bleeding hearts that are in full bloom this time of year are one of my favorites.

Using “Dancing in the Rain – Layer Cake” squares I created this “Dancing Umbrella” quilt (pattern availiable mid May)  – my Mom always said, “If you can make one, you can make a dozen!” I like to think that she was referring to quilting blocks or cookies with that statement. Speaking of cookies, I think I am going to need some for an extra boost of energy to finish all of the projects I have dreamed up for the new collection “Dancing in the Rain”. I can’t wait to share all of them with you soon!

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