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Eldon Quilt Along - Part 1

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Fall is in full swing.

Leaves are changing colors and cool winds are blowing through.

What better to do, than quilt!

Welcome everyone to our Eldon Quilt Along!

We are so excited to share this magical design with you!

You can create this quilt from your own stash or enjoy our Eldon Fabric Kit.

Join me as we mix together fun combinations of fabrics for this sweet treat!

We will posting here on the blog as well as our

YouTube channel to help you create this exciting quilt with us.

Center Eight Point Stars

For one Star Block cut: 8 Diamonds B (Eldon Templates LBQ-0214-T)

Select 4 fabrics.

Cut into strips.

Arrange your strips into a 4-strip panel.

Sew and press with iron.

Cut into diamonds using Template B from Eldon Templates.

You will trim all sides as needed.

Arrange your diamonds into sets of 2.

Mark 1/4" seam allowance where you will stop and backstitch.

Sew sets of 2 leaving 1/4" opening.

Push open and press with your pressing tool.

Edyta's Tip: I don't use an iron to press during my Eight Point Star assembly.

I wait until my star is complete with background.

Arrange and sew two sets together to create a half star.

Sew 2 star halves together.

Now your center star is finished! Great job!

You will need one for each block, 16 for the whole quilt.

I can't wait to see you again for our next step in this quilt along.

We will be making little log cabin blocks for our eight point star background.

See you Wednesday!

Happy Quilting!


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Oct 26, 2022

hi i am writing from mexico what is the size of the block

Oct 27, 2022
Replying to

19 1/4” octagons!

pattern available on web or in her book Patches of Stars


Oct 24, 2022

is the alaska ruler useful for this quilt

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