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Eldon Quilt Along - Part 2

Welcome back everyone to our Eldon Quilt Along Part 2!

I am SEW excited to be quilting with you all again.

Thank you for coming on this fun adventure with me!

Eldon is the perfect pattern to grow your technical skills.

Join me today and let's build some log cabin blocks!

You can create this quilt from your own stash or enjoy our Eldon Fabric Kit.

If you're just tuning in, please visit our blog

For this project, I chose our Eldon Pattern, Fabric Kit, and Templates. I am also using Aurifil Thread 2370, Rotary, Rotating Cutting Matting, Seam Press, and a Ruler.

Log Cabins

For each Eldon Block cut we'll need 8 Log Cabin blocks.

Select your fabrics, you will need light, medium, and dark.

Cut strips and center squares per directions in the Eldon pattern

Arrange your pieces.

Start by sewing light rectangle to dark center square.

Add 1 more light strip and 2 medium strips.

Add next round of light and dark strips.

Finish by adding the last round of strips and press.

Trim using Eldon Template A and rotary cutter.

Repeat to make 8 log cabin blocks for each Eldon star block.

For the whole quilt, you will need 128 background log cabins for all your stars!


For this Eldon quilt, we will also need additional

Log Cabin blocks that will be sewn into units as shown below for setting squares.

You will make 36 log cabin blocks for a total of 9 setting squares.

Each setting square needs 4 log cabin blocks.

Take your time and enjoy making these cute log cabins.

This is one of my favorite parts of this quilt!

Happy Quilting!


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1 Comment

Oct 28, 2022

I plan on making this quilt with ties that I have ,it is for a personal gift for a family member. I am wondering in the filler pieces do you recommend a solid color?

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