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Eldon Quilt Along - Part 3

Welcome back everyone to our Eldon Quilt Along Part 3!

I hope you've enjoyed this quilt along as much as I have so far, but the best is yet to come!

Assembling your quilt top is half the FUN! And now you have your stars

and log cabins made and you are ready, SEW, go for your next step!

Playing with your fabric placement allows you to create fun illusions.

Notice how the different combinations and groupings of light and dark blocks

can create its own stunning image during a quilt's assembly - thats practically magic!

But unlike magicians,

I love sharing my quilting secrets with you!

Ready to brew up something amazing?

Before we start sewing all units together, we will cut our background diamonds.

For one Star Block Background cut: 8 Diamonds B (Eldon Templates LBQ-0214-T) from light fabric

Select your light background fabric.

Cut using Eldon Template B.

To make one star block, first arrange one star unit and 8 log cabins as shown above.

Keep your templates close for marking sewing points.

Fold star unit in half, right sides together.

Starting with the top point, fold down as shown above.

Line up one log cabin, right sides together.

Mark your sewing points.

Pin each corner, sew, and open.

Repeat for each log cabin.

Pin and sew light diamonds in the same manor as your log cabins.

Press all seam allowances towards the outside of the block.

Arrange your blocks, log cabin setting squares, and background

triangles (cut using pattern directions on page 1) following the quilt layout.

Start by marking sewing points.

Pion and sew from point to point leaving 1/4" opening. Press.

Fantastic job everyone!

I am SEW impressed and would love to see how your Eldon quilts come together -

tag us on Instagram @laundrybasketquilts or #eldonquiltalong2022

Happy Quilting!


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Dec 17, 2022

Are there any quilting suggestions for once this beautiful quilt is pieced together?


Nov 22, 2022

Enjoying your patterns and your fabrics are great great colors and easy to work with. I have never work with shapes before. I'm getting the fabrics press for cutting today. I finished Summer Mystery quilt.

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