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Laundry Baskets for Everybody!

If you have not made a quilting basket block yet, this is the place to start-

You will have SEW much fun!

I am so excited to introduce everyone to our BRAND NEW

Yes, you heard that right, it is completely pre-cut for you. You just get to do what you love most-

sit and stitch.

If you want to cut your own fabrics, we also have

this beautiful design

available as a Fabric Kit!

Looking for some tips and extra help when sewing your baskets?

Check out two of our YouTube videos for Anna's Baskets Block 2 and Block 3.

Can you spot the matching blocks?

Baskets 4 & 5 in Block 2 VIDEO are similar to Laundry Baskets' Basket 1 and 2.

Baskets 7 in Block 3 VIDEO are similar to Laundry Baskets' Basket 3.

I'm off to make some more handles!

I hope you join me!

Happy Quilting!


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