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  • Edyta

Looking Back – 4th of July

As I drove down our country road I noticed a flag on the barn reminding me of the recent 4th of July holiday.

What a wonderful memory of stars and stripes hanging high in the sky.

The streets shut down and the whole town gathered to celebrate.

Everyone that decorated their wheels,

had the chance to be part of the annual bike parade.

Even my husband Michael got in on the action!

We spent independence day celebrating and enjoying a family reunion at the homestead farm.

Surrounded by simple blessings,

tractors were resting,

and so were all of the tools.

The gate was closed on the normal day’s work.

Everything looked so peaceful as the wind whispered through the tall grass.

Ever so often we were reminded with a little “cluck” that not everyone had the weekend off.

We watched the kids play – both young and old.