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Made in USA

One of my favorite quilts is our “Made in the USA” quilt. This one is made with our Something Blue and Little Sweetheart Collection.

If you make 12 blocks, you’ll have a quilt. But if you’d like to try just one block, it makes a perfect afternoon project. Would you like to make one with me? I sure hope so!

You’ll need the “Made in the USA” pattern for cutting directions and a small selection of fabric in Blue, Red and Light. We also have “Made in USA” fabric kits available here.

We also have the “Made in USA” pattern in a downloadable PDF version if that’s more convenient for you.

Cut one rectangle in blue, then cut 4 short red, 3 long red strips, 3 short light strips, and 3 long light strips as shown above.

Lay out your block to make sure that the colors are in the correct position.

Next, separate your block into 3 sections.

Sew short strips together and then long strips together.

As you sew, make sure to press the seam allowance toward the red fabric.

Once the sections are completed, lay your block out again to make sure everything lines up.

Sew blue rectangle to the short strips and push seam allowance towards blue.

Finally, attach long strips to the top of your block. This seam allowance should be pressed towards the long light strip.

Congratulations! You finished your first “Made in USA” block – I am so proud of you! Next, you cna continue to make more bloks to create a full quilt -or- in this case, I decided to make a pillow.  Cut a large rectangle to the exact size of your unfinished “Made in USA” block,  this large rectangle will be the back of our pillow. Place the block and large rectangle right sides together and stitch around the edges (with a 1/4″ seam allowence) leaving a small opening (about 3 inches long) on one of the sides. Turn your pillowcase right side up, fill it up with soft bedding, then whip stitch the opening closed.

Now, your ready to decorate for the 4th of July holiday with your patriotic pillow!

Happy Quilting, Edyta

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