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Merry Makers 2023 with Andover

We, Merry Makers, have got a surprise for you -

one last festive quilt as we bid this year "adieu"!

Together with these amazing creators,

who give the gift of their creativity and inspiration all year long,

we get to chance to be collaborators and end this amazing year, together, quilting all along!

Sew come and enjoy in all the FUN,

This quilt is made for everyone!

Merry Makers Blocks

12" finished

All Block Recipes are FREE! Collect all patterns by visiting each designer's blog using the links below.

Merry Maker: Max & Louise Pattern Co Block 1: "Love in a Mist" quilt block pattern "Love in a Mist" Block Recipe

Merry Maker: Sarah Maxwell

Block 2: "Tree Topper" quilt block pattern

Merry Maker: Eye Candy Quilts Block 3: "Wreathed" quilt block pattern "Wreathed" Block Recipe

Merry Maker: Alexandra Bordallo Studio

Block 4: "Sparkle Stars" quilt block pattern

Merry Maker: Stephanie Organes

Block 5: "Quiltflake" quilt block pattern


I am sew pleased to announce

that I get to be the Secret Santa in this amazing event and

wrap up all these beautiful blocks into a beautiful layout that compliments

the amazing work these Merry Makers have done.

Quilt Top Layout

I chose our beautiful English Garden collection to gift wrap these beautiful blocks

into a radiant 48½" x 48½" quilt top. You can place your blocks in whatever order you choose.

Follow the recipe below to make your own quilt glow!

Fabric Cutting:

Light Fabric

4 – 6½" corner squares

4 – 6½" x 12½" rectangles

4 – 13¼" squares cut twice diagonally into 16  – 13¼" quarter-square triangles (QST)

Dark Fabric

16 – 6⅞" squares cut once diagonally into 32 – 6⅞" half-square triangles (HST)

Quilt Top Assembly

I am oh-sew excited to be the Secret Santa!

Layout your blocks and setting pieces.

Sew flying geese to blocks.

Sew blocks into rows.

Sew rows together,quilt and add binding.

Get your own beautiful English Garden fabrics today!

Merry Christmas to all the amazing makers out there!

Let's keep helping each other grow and glow into the new year.

Follow along with the Merry Making on Instagram.


Also from our English Garden fabric collection comes our New

Start sewing today!

Merry Quilting


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