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Mix it up with Montana!

Hello Friends!

We had so much fun with our Mystery Quilt 2022! They're popping up all over

Instagram like mushrooms after it rains. Check out #mystery2022 to see all

the beautiful pictures and everyone's incredible progress.

As always, I can't help but share more fun ideas with you!

Look how amazing and versitile our new Montana quilt design is -

grab any Fat Quarter Bundle, pick out your favorite 12 darks and 8 lights, and ready, set, SEW!

For our recent Mystery Quilt 2022 event, we used our

There are still fat eighth bundles and yardage available from this collection.

Let me show you different ways to customize this quilt just for YOU!

If you are nervous about sewing some of the more advanced blocks,

check out this simplified version in the picture below. You can tailor your

quilting experience to suit your technical skills until you feel more confident.

Just replace the more difficult blocks with Block 1 and look how beautiful the quilt still looks.

(In the image above, notice where I marked the blocks that I simplified.)

Or if you're looking for even MORE Montana, keep on building your favorite blocks!

Double the recipe to create this larger version and blanket your bed in Big Sky love!

I added 2 more rows making my finished quilt size 84½" x 84½".

If you would like a different color option and love Laundry Basket Quilt

Fat Quarter Bundles, do I have some fun ideas for you!

Ingredients: 1 Noel fat quarter bundle, 1 yard of A-9850-L,

1 yard of A-9911-R, and A-9924-G for the binding.

Achieve this gorgeous holiday-inspired look with our Noel fabric collection.

Ingredients: 1 Sweet 16 fat quarter bundle, 1 yard of A-8822-L,

1 yard of A-9057-L3, and A-9579-R for the binding.

Stick with the beautiful pinks, reds, and creams of our Sweet 16 collection for a lovely, love-struck look.

1 yard of A-9174-N, and A-9057-B7 for the binding.

Or if you'd like a more modern, minimal aesthtic, look how amazing

Make this quilt your own.

Customize, seasonalize, or individualize anyway you'd like!

step-by-step instructions on how to make this beauty!

Happy Quilting!


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Jan 21, 2023

Thank you for the fantastic pattern. In the process of making this for my nephews wedding. I want to make the larger size Do you have instructions for adding the extra rows. How big do you cut the corner pieces?


Jan 07, 2023

I’m just starting this with a FQ bundle of Strawberries and Cream! What other fabrics from the line do you recommend for the corners, etc?


Sep 09, 2022

Thank you for designing and sharing such a stunning Mystery Quilt! Montana is a great name, too. I'm really enjoying using my Alaska ruler. Even though I'm a bit late to the party, I'm about to try the double the fun 84 inch option after the first set of blocks for the pattern went together so quickly. I appreciate your video and blog tutorials very much. I am learning a lot.


Jun 15, 2022

On my way to finish the extended Montant : all blocks are done (1/2 from the pre-cut kit, 1/2 cut with the templates) and are being sewn together in 1/8th of the patch. Lots of pieces and blockes, but I love it so far !!! Just hope 6 months will be enough to hand quilt it. Gift to my parents on their 60th anniversary after Christmas. Thanks Edyta for all these perfect instructions and nice quilts.

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