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Moda Blog Hop – Size Matters

Welcome to the “Size Matters” Blog Hop hosted by Moda and their designers.

When I received the email with the theme of this Schoolhouse session “Size Matters” and my block, a simple nine-patch, I had a grin on my face.

Just take a look around, and surely we must all believe that bigger is better. In a world of Big Gulps, Big Macs, big money, big deals, big news, and everything else we know as big, society says that the size matters…

Farmers Market

As a quilter I know that size is relative, just look at this “Farmers Market” quilt… I have incorporated many different size blocks in it and while they might not all want to fit, I was able to make it happen with by adding sashing or trimming.

In this quilt made with my Blog Hop Block (click for pattern), the 2”square is the smallest, the next one is 6”, and the last one is 18”… But, really, is any one of these squares any better because it’s bigger?

Our design sense tells us that pleasing quilts—no matter what their size—artfully blend both big and small. In fabric patterns, we mix up mini-prints to go with big floral. We piece tiny squares with larger ones. And whether our work occupies an entire wall, the top of a bed, or a small entry table, or a picnic blanket what we make matters—no matter what the size.

Wedding Ring

As I worked on my quilts for market, I decided to consult with my husband Mike on the “Size Matters” topic; he looked at me and said “The only size that matters is the size of your heart”.

He is so right, how could I miss this? For every cut we make, every stitch we take, every seam we rip, and every needle we thread, the quilts we make grow bigger by the moment—not for their size, but for what we put into them. Pieced depending on our feelings at the moment, stitched to the rhythm of conversations with friends, and connecting us from one generation to another, our quilts are sizable measures of our souls.

Size does matter in the magnitude of this caring, giving, quilting community. People come together from all over the world and all walks of life with special reasons to create.

Hope Chest

My new collection for Moda “Hope Chest” is big—not in a physical sense, but rather in the big possibilities that it holds.


Size matters in fabric’s potential to fuel creativity and ideas. I hope that the look and the feel of these “Hope Chest” fabrics inspire you to play, invent, and share your whims, release your inner self, and celebrate your life stories.

Sentimental Scraps

With soft blues, timeless rusts, rich golds, and heartfelt reds, “Hope Chest” fabrics capture the range of passion and emotion that sizably impact any fabric mix.

I just can’t wait to see what you do with it…

Please leave me a comment for a chance to win a prize on September 16th from the “Hope Chest” Collection including bundles of fabrics, patterns, stencils and Silhouettes. Get inspired and have a delightful picnic with it!

Remember to visit the other two designers on the Moda Blog Hop today, French General and Zen Chic!

The schedule for the blog is:

September 5, 2013 Bunny Hill Basic Grey Sweetwater

September 14, 2013 Kansas Troubles Aneela Hoey

After you have visited all of the designers on the blog hop and collected all of your block patterns, Moda will post the quilt assembly instructions on Moda’s Blog, September 16.

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