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Mothers Day and Silhouette Challenge Album

Hello everyone and I hope you had a fantastic Mothers Day! This was a perfect day; it started with a good breakfast, lots of hugs and kisses and some new arrivals in my garden.

 I though this would be a perfect day to update my blog and share with you some pictures from my recent visit to Tennessee.

 I had a chance to stop at an antique store where I stumbled on a bed full of quilts. One of them was a signature quilt from the 1931, it was so sweet.

 As I was posting the pictures for you to enjoy, I stopped and called my mom, I wonder what reminded me!

This block brought warm memories of my quilting beginnings as I used to sign my quilts “Mom” with a heart for an O since all my first quilts were made to cuddle my little ones.

 As I walked thru the antique store, quilts seemed to be everywhere.

 This is the quilt that I brought home with me – it was so worn that I felt it need to be retired at my retreat. It reminds me of the peonies that are just preparing to bloom.

We have completed our Silhouette Challenge and it has been the most amazing experience to be part of your creativity. I am so blessed to have so many wonderful quilters taking part in our challenge. I think that everyone deserves a prize and applause, but for now we have five new “Scrappy Fireworks” books that five lucky participants will receive. We have had a random drawing and the lucky winners that will be notified are:

Lynda Hermann Maree Ratcliff Martha Mumaw Letitia Plesoianu Lynn Diamente

Congratulations to everyone and thank you for participating, I am so proud of you! I have combined all of the photos to an album below that I hope you will be able to view. I am new at this so please forgive me and let me know if I have missed anything.

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Two days left until we leave for Kansas City – Spring Market 2012, I better start packing…

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