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Mystery Quilt 2020 – Block 2

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

We are off to such a good start, I have seen so many Mystery Quilt Block 1s are already made!

I know it was hard for you to cut into this beautiful Super Bloom fabric bundle, but I promise that you are going to love the results!

The most common question that we have received since we have started this Mystery Quilt is: “How much fabric do I need?”

I am estimating that you will need at least the following:

  1. 9 lights – 1/2 yard each

  2. 4 light blues – 1/2 yard each

  3. 5 dark blues – 1/2 yard each

  4. 5 pink – 1/2 yard each

OK – Let’s get back to quilting!

For block 2, you will need: (choose the fabrics shown above from your Super Bloom bundle)

  1. Fat quarter of light blue fabric

  2. 10″ blue square

  3. Fat quarter light fabric

We will be making 8 blocks. The cutting directions are listed below:

  1. 24 light half-square triangles cut from 12 squares 3-7/8″

  2. 8 blue half-square triangles cut from 4 squares 3-7/8″

  3. 8 blue half-square triangles cut from 4 squares 6-7/8″

To make half square triangle (HST) unit, join one 3-7/8″ light half-square triangle and one 3-7/8″ blue half-square triangle.

Trim HST unit to 3-1/2″ x 3-1/2″ using your ruler.

Arrange and sew 1 small 3-1/2″ HST unit and one 3-7/8″ light half-square triangle as shown.

Add second 3-7/8″ light half-square triangle as shown above.

Remember to pin before sewing and push your seam allowances towards the light triangles.

Arrange and sew large 6-7/8″ half-square triangle as shown.

Trim your bunny ears.

Press block open pushing your center seam allowance toward blue fabric.

Finally square your blocks to 6-1/2″, I love using my 6-1/2″ Creative Grids ruler and OLFA Spinning Mat to trim these blocks.

Repeat until you have completed 8 Mystery Quilt Block 2s.

Our second blocks will be positioned as shown above in our Mystery quilt! Note position of blue fabrics in quilt layout.