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Mystery Quilt 2022 - Block 1

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

Welcome to Block 1 of our Mystery Quilt 2022!

We’re so glad you took the time to quilt with us!

Let’s dive right into our first block!

Below is all the information you need to prepare before joining

For Block 1, you will need:

1 light fabric

Block 1

We will be making 48 total Block 1s.

Fun and easy!

Cutting Directions:

Begin by cutting strips:

Light Fabric - 4 strips 6½" x WOF

Note: Be precise when cutting this fabric and save all the leftovers. You will need them for future blocks. Since this is a panel fabric, some of your cuts will have more or

less of the crossstich design. I absolutely love this variation in the quilt- it adds a fun, whimsical look

to it.

Align your ruler and cut.

From one strip of light fabric,

you should be able to get 12 pieces.

Flip your ruler over, align it on the

top of the fabric and cut again.

Alternative way of cutting with the Mystery 2022 Template A:

Use your Template A to cut your pieces.

Block Finishing

Edyta's Tip: Keep your ruler or templates handy after cutting.

They are the perfect tool to help you precisely mark your sewing points.

Grab your fabric pencil and mark 1/4" sewing points. You can use your templates in the same way.

Watch our video for more details.

48 Block 1s

You have just created your first block, and the first clue of the mystery is revealed:

Blocks don't always have to be square.

Let the fun begin!

Watch our YouTube Channel for this block’s step-by-step

instructions and tips on how to make this project.

Our Block 1s will be positioned as shown above in our Mystery Quilt 2022 grid.

Just a reminder, we will be making 8 identical grid sections like this.

Happy Quilting!


Please remember to share your progress photos to Instagram and Facebook!

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