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Mystery Quilt 2022 - Block 3

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

Welcome to Block 3 of our Mystery Quilt 2022!

I am so thankful to be quilting with you.

Hoping you have a wonderful, sunny day today!

Below is all the information you need to prepare before joining

me on our YouTube Channel for step by step instructions.

For Block 3, you will need:

1 dark blue fabric

1 light blue fabric

1 light fabric

Creative Grids® ALASKA Ruler -or- Mystery Template B

Block 3

We will be making 16 total Block 3s.

Cutting Directions:

Begin by cutting strips:

Light blue fabric - 4 strips 3½" x 20"

Dark blue fabric - 2 strips 3½" x 20"

Light fabric - 2 strips 3½" x 20"

Cutting with Creative Grids® ALASKA Ruler or Mystery Template B:

Align your ruler or template B and cut using your skills from Block 3.

From one strip of fabric, you should be able to get 8 pieces.

Light blue fabric - 32 pieces total (4 strips)

Dark blue fabric - 16 pieces total (2 strips)

Light fabric - 16 pieces total (2 strips)

Block Finishing

Edyta's Tip: Keep your ruler or templates handy after cutting.

They are the perfect tool to help you precisely mark your sewing points.

First mark your 1/4" points and arrange your pieces: dark blue piece on the top,

light fabric piece in the middle, and a light blue piece on each side.

Position the dark blue piece over the light fabric piece right sides together.

Pin and sew.

Press your seam open.