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Mystery Quilt 2022 - Block 5

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

Welcome to Block 5 of our Mystery Quilt 2022!

We are moving along and learning so many wonderful things about other shapes in quilting

than squares and HSTs. I know sometimes it's scary to try new things, and you might be worried if you have enough fabric or what is happening tomorrow, but trust me. If you just take a moment, slow down,

be patient, enjoy today and the moment you are in, something new will blossom from

you taking the time. Lets spread love and kindness and get creative together.

Below is all the information you need to prepare before joining

me on our YouTube Channel for step by step instructions.

For Block 5, you will need:

2 light fabrics (Make sure that your pick two light fabrics that are very similar in hue. Please do not stress about having two fabrics- this is just a light background and it will add a little fun feel to your quilt.)

1 blue fabric

Creative Grids® ALASKA Ruler -or- Mystery Templates B and I

Block 5A Block 5B

Block 5

We will be making 8 Block 5As and 8 Block 5Bs for a total of 16 blocks.

Cutting Directions:

Begin by cutting strips:

Light fabric - 3 strips 6½" x 20" (2 from the top floral fabric and 1 strip from bottom light fabric.)

Blue fabric - 2 strips 3½" x 20"

For both cutting options (ruler or templates), please start by placing your

light strips right sides together as shown above. Please watch our video for guidance.

Cutting with Creative Grids® ALASKA Ruler:

Position your ruler matching the bottom edge of your fabric with the 6-1/2" mark on the ruler.

Pay attention that the width of your strip measure 2-3/4".

For more instructions, I highly recommend watching our YouTube video for Block 5.

Cut as shown.

Rotate your cutting board

and trim the edge as shown.

With every cut, you will get two pieces. One for Block 5A and one for Block 5B.

(Once you finish cutting from your first light fabric, use your second light fabric to finish cutting.

Do not forget to place the fabric right sides together before cutting.)

Cut a total of 8 sets.