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Mystery Quilt 2022 - Finishing Touches

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

Welcome to the Finishing Touches for our Mystery 2022 quilt!

Are you ready to see this beauty put together? I am SEW excited!

Prepare for landing- our destination quilt is in view👀

Just a few more steps before we can relax and take in all the gorgeous work we've done

these past few weeks. I am so impressed with you - you rocked this mystery quilt!

Below are the last few steps,

before our mystery quilt is revealed!

Join our LIVE show on March 30th, as I guide you through the finishing touches and reveal our Mystery 2022 quilt....

Just like we have done our blocks one at a time, we are going to

create 8 wedge units for our quilt top, one at a time.

4 Block 10As 4 Block 10Bs

Arrange all of your blocks in the correct places following the line up above.

We will be using 4 Block 10As and 4 Block 10Bs for the bottom row.

These will create your center star!

First sew your blocks into rows.

Then sew each row together. I pressed my seams open between all of the blocks.

Now you will have 8 full wedge units.

From fabric A-9848-LB, cut 2 squares 18-1/2" x 18-1/2". Then cut once diagonally to create 4 half-square triangles (wait to watch our LIVE video for tips on fussy cutting this beautiful fabric).

Pin and sew 18-1/2" HSTs to the top of our wedge units with Block 10B at the bottom (light blue diamond), as shown above. Push seam allowances towards the HST.

These will be your Corner Wedge units.

Edyta's Tip: I used a LOT of pins to put these units together.

This allowed me to be accurate in matching points.

Pin and sew 1 Wedge unit and 1 Corner Wedge unit.

Press seam open.

Repeat for a total of 4 Quarter units of the quilt top.

Arrange 2 Quarter Units to make half of the quilt. Pin and sew then press seams open.

Now pin and sew together the two halves of your quilt top!

Isn't this just stunning? Look at the incredible work you did in just a few weeks!

Your quilt top should be 60 1/2" x 60 1/2"

Now if you would like to, you can add a border to your quilt to make it bigger. I used the same star fabric (A-9848-LB) for my quilt. I cut 4 strips, 5 1/2" by the length of the remaining fabric, one for each side of the quilt. I centered the strips on the edge of my quilt center, then pinned and sewed it to the top and bottom of my quilt. I then repeated these steps for the left and right sides.


Your backing, quilting and binding are the last of our finishing touches. For my backing, I used the Bluebird Hexagon fabric (A-9849-B). You can also use A-9848-B for your backing to compliment your quilt top.

I layered my quilt with backing, batting and the quilt top and I quilt it on a longarm machine with an edge to edge design, called Seaweed.

For my binding, I cut 2-1/2" x WOF strips of Bluebird fabric A-9845-B to finished the edge of the quilt,

We are so happy you have joined us for our Mystery Quilt 2022 and don't miss the LIVE show on March 30th

Happy Quilting!


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1 Comment

Jan 10, 2023

This is a stunning quilt. I love the fabric. I live in South Africa, so unable to afford to buy the gorgeous fabric here, with the exchange rate. I would have loved to do this quilt. From Pamela

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