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Mystery Quilt 2022 - Thank you!

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

We did it!

I am SEW glad you joined me to create this beautiful quilt.

It was such a pleasure to quilt along with you for the past two weeks.

Please remember to take time, and keep going if you have not finished your blocks.

All of our posts will stay on our website so you can always come for a little bit more tips and advise

on how to make your Mystery 2022 quilt, Montana, from our beautiful Bluebird Collection.

I have a last little suprise for you! A little additional Mystery reveal.

I took each of our block units, made eight of them and then arranged them

to individual small kaleidoscope blocks.

All blocks have a 12 inch finish.

Now you have all this fun inspiration made with our Creative Grids® Alaska Ruler

that I hope you would enjoy in your upcoming projects!


Cut with Hope

Stitch with Grace

Quilt with Dreams

Bind with Laughter

Share with LOVE ♥

Happy Quilting,


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