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Mystery Quilt 2024 - Week 4

Come on this adventure with me through fields of fabric and let's hike through a mountain of scraps. I am sew thankful to have you with me on this journey!

Let's unveil more of this mystery together!

Today we have a gorgeous mountain hike to take.

Below is all the information you need to prepare and cut your fabric for this week.

I will be using the Mountain Purple, Meadow Green, and Black Granite Rolls

But do not worry if you are not using these bundles,

I would love to still inspire you every week.

For Week 4, you will need:

(These notions are just my recommendations)


Sew Daisy Fabric Markers (Use fabric markers to stay organized)

• Creative Gird Ruler: 4½" x 12½"

• Aurifil Thread – 2370 recommended

Edyta’s Tip: Always have a stash of fresh blades for your rotary and remember to change yours often. for the cleanest cuts.

Check out our Mystery Quilt 2024 Sewing Basket on the website for all your quilting needs!

The majestic mountains are a sight to behold!

The Mountains

20½" x 58½" unfinished

Cutting Directions:

Cut in a variety of mountain range colors:

  157 - half-square triangles cut from 79 squares 2" in shades of purples and blacks

   128 - half-square triangles cut from 64 squares 2" in shades of greens, teal and gold.

Cut background sky fabric: (A-9772-B)

  5 A - half-square triangles cut from 3 squares 6"

  3 B - half-square triangles cut from 2 squares 4"

  1 C - 2½" x 4½" rectangle

  1 D - 2½" x 10½" rectangle

   2 E - half-square triangles cut from 1 square 8"

  1 F - 4½" x 20½" rectangle

  1 G - 8½" x 38½" rectangle

Block Assembly

Select two 2" half-square triangles in your mountain colors.

Sew together. Make 128.

Unit size: 2½" Square

Next, we will arrange all our triangles following the full row layout. Then, sew into sections as shown above. There will be multiple sections shown in the following steps. Picture above is just an example of the first section.

Sew triangles together into columns, add background pieces and press.

For tips on this block and assembly, watch our Week 4 YouTube tutorial video.

Assemble your columns, then arrange them as shown above with sky rectangles and half-square triangles.

Sew sky HSTs to mountain stacks.

Continue to combine by adding rectangles.

Sew into sections.

Combine sections into two.

Sew together and press.

Wow! You made it onto the top of this mountain taking one little triangle at a time!

It feels so good to look back and see how far we have come.

I love that at the top of the mountain you can feel the warmth of the sun.

Can't wait to see you next week!

Click here to download a PDF copy of Mystery Quilt 2024 - Week 4.

Happy Quilting!


Please remember to share your progress photos to Instagram and Facebook!

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Sun is nice addition to everythyng! Also Im very enjoying your photos, thanks for all your generosity!

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