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Part 1: Road Trip (Mike’s Takeover)

This week I am taking over the blog to show you a behind-the-scenes “husband perspective” of one of our trips for Laundry Basket Quilts.  My personal favorite was our trip to Indonesia where we visited batik mills that create Laundry Basket Quilts fabric for Moda… By the end of this adventure I can confidently add “pack-mule” to my resume.

On the way we made a quick stop in Singapore.

We were only passing through, but Edyta couldn’t help being inspired by all the beautiful colors on the streets…

…in the vibrant markets…

… and, of course, the tropical flowers.

This was just the beginning of our journey, as we were taking the path to Indonesia.

On our way, we passed by children making their way to school…

… farmers attending to their crops….

… and terraces of rice that demanded us to stop for a closer look.

Here we found some shade under ancient umbrellas.

Everything was so different and magical.

Even though it seemed a little scary at times…

… but with the help of the locals we learned to embrace and enjoy the culture.

Finding inspiration in everything around us, including a lunch basket. I saw food… Edyta saw a quilt design!