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  • Edyta

Part 2: Road Trip (Mike’s Takeover)

Indonesia offers many ways to get around,

a packed truck is one of the most common ones,

and this option is the most romantic. But certainly not the most comfortable.

Like children, we were ready to try them all!

The same goes for food. It was hard to choose a plate, they all look delicious!

But we kept focus on our destination.

Finally, we arrived at the stamp workshop.

Old and young worked together, passing this art form down through the generations.

We stopped for a moment to visit and observe the intricate detail that goes into bending copper sheets and wire to create beautiful images for batik stamps.

The stamps hung like a pieces of art on the wall of the mill.

When used with hot wax, they create a little magic on fabric.

Edyta couldn’t help herself, she had to give it a try. Later on she told me it was not as easy as it looked, but so much fun.

She helped with scrunching the material….

… and hand dying!