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Patches of Blue – New Book

It is my great pleasure that I introduce to you my new book, Patches of Blue. This book will be available in Fall 2017.

I’ve always loved blue, it’s such a timeless and classic color combination. Not only when I design fabrics, but especially when making my quilts with such ease. I look forward to inspire you to create your own masterpieces.

This book is dedicated to the love of my life, my husband Michael.

My house, just like this book, is full of amazing inspiration of blue and white quilts.

I hope you will enjoy some of the close up pictures.

From a breathtaking gallery of antique quilts…

to some of your favorites from Laundry Basket Quilts.

This maybe a perfect invitation to start pulling some Patches of Blue and begin daydreaming of some special projects.

Don’t wait! Visit your local stores and ask them to order this stunning edition to your quilting library. Click this link to visit the Martingale website to put this book on your wishlist!

Happy Quilting!

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