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Patches of Blue Quilt Along – Block 10 Blue Barn

Updated: Jan 4

Welcome back to our Quilt Along!

Blue Barn is the October Block that we will make and add to our beautiful sampler quilt from the “Patches of Blue” book.

October is filled with Pumpkins,

one of my favorite flowers – “Mums”,

and many new fabric collections like our “Bakers Dozen”.

Which are perfect for blue and white quilts like our “Alaska” pattern.

I can’t help myself to grab one of these “Bakers Dozen” batik pieces to add it to our Quilt Along Block. For this block you will need:

1 fat eighth blue fabric 1 fat eighth light fabric

The Blue Barn pattern can be found in our “Patches of Blue” book on page 44.

Cutting directions are on page 45 and you’ll also will need templates from page 50-51 to cut some of the shapes.

Start by tracing the templates from page 50-51, double check the size against the book before cutting your fabrics.

Position your templates on the right side of the fabric you are using. (I use a bit of double sided tape to keep the templates from moving.)

Place ruler along the edge of the template to protect them as you cut with a rotary cutter.

All remaining blue pieces for the block should be cut following the cutting directions in the book.

Now we need to do the same for the light fabric, first cut pieces with templates,

then cut window and door trim pieces by following the cutting directions from the “Patches of Blue” book.

Now we are ready to start assembling our block. Layout all pieces as shown.

Let’s begin with chimney squares and strips.

Sew strips together as shown above and remember to push seam allowance to the blue. NOTE: longest light strip is on the left side.

Rooftop is next, don’t hesitate, it looks harder than it is. Keep your templates handy, we will use them to mark the matching sewing points.

Place your template on the right side of the fabric and use a pencil to mark the matching sewing points.

I push my pencil through the paper template to make a mark on the fabric.

Align fabrics right sides together, match pencil points on both pieces and put a pin through this matching point.

Adding one piece at a time, I slowly raise the roof.

Next I prepare pieces to frame the door.

Sew side pieces to the door first, then add the top piece.