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Patches of Blue Quilt Along – Block 9 First Flakes

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

September is here, sunflowers are in full bloom, and it’s time for our next Quilt-A-Long Block!

For block 9, I have chosen a star from our “First Flakes” quilt in the Patches of Blue book.

We have had so much fun over the last nine months making blocks – some easy, some more difficult, and I can’t wait to walk through the gate with you again this month!

“First Flakes” is on page 38 in our Patches of Blue book.  For this block I recommend: 3 blue 10″ squares 1 blue 12″ square 2 light 10″ squares 1 light 1/2 yard

Start with the blue 10″ square and cut H for center of the star.

From another blue 10″ square, cut triangle E for the star points.

From blue 12″ square cut 4 half square triangles D, 8 diamonds F, and 4 squares G.

From light 1/2 yard of background fabric cut; 4 triangles A  and 4 squares B (use templates on page 42).

From light 10″ square cut 16 half square triangles C.

From the remaining light and blue 10″ squares make 32 half square triangle units (HST) using our LBQ-0528-X 1-1/2″ finished size half-square triangle paper.

Now lets lay the block out to check how the colors play with each other. If you love it, you are ready to sew.

Lay HST in the rows.

Sew them together and check the length, it should be 4-3/4″.

Add 2 light triangles C and one blue triangle D.

Sew and press, you need make 4 “sets” for a block.

Next, we will add pre-sewn sets to background triangle A.

I pin everything in place to insure that all the seams are aligned.

Don’t forget to stop and leave an open seam at the ends to set pieces in later.

Next we will add blue triangle E to this unit. Center up the triangle and pin in place.

So far I have finger-pressed all of the seams. We want to be very careful to not stretch the pieces as we are assembling the block. Repeat to make 4 of those units before moving to the next step.

Next, we will line diamond F, triangle C, 1-1/2″ HST and square G.

Sew pieces together.

Notice how I place my diamond on the previous piece.

It is important to overlap the point in the bottom…

And at the top.

We will make 4 “sets”.

Once completed lets sew them to square B.

Notice how I position my piece: The tip of my diamond is going to overlap the square and the bottom will match.

Push the seam allowance towards the square.

And remember to pin.

Repeat to make 4 units total, one for each corner of the block.

Lay out your block using center blue square H and pre-sewn units.

Once side units are sewn…

finishing sewing background triangle A.

I use lots of pins to make sure all my pieces stay lined up.

Once the block is complete, press with iron.

This may be my very favorite block, I love the 22-1/2″ unfinished size.

Its points make it beautiful but also a little difficult at times.

Do not give up!

My advice is PIN, PIN, PIN!

If you would like, make another block to practice the skills you learned making this one. You can use it as I did to make a beautiful pillow that would go with any quilt like our new Alaska quilt.

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day and joining our Quilt-A-Long. I hope that with every block you are learning and enjoying something fun and new. Your blocks have been beautiful and I love seeing them, not every block is simple but I am so proud that you do not give up!

Happy Quilting Edyta

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