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Patches of Blue Quilt Along – Block 7 Pine Tree

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Welcome to our “Patches of Blue” Quilt-Along, we are moving along with our quilt nicely and I hope you are enjoying the lessons and your blocks!

It is sometimes hard to find the time to quilt in the middle of the summer when the beautiful weather and nature is calling us to spend time outside.

And speaking of nature, many times she can be found in our quilts.

Grandmother’s Garden is one of the many quilts that reflect botanical beauty.

The next block in our Quilt-Along is “Pine Tree” from page 110 in our “Patches of Blue” book.

You can also find this block gently sprinkled through the “Blue Barns” quilt from page 44.

This will be a piece a cake.

Grab your fabric. You’ll need: 1 big print in blue 15″ x 7″ 4 blues 3″ x 7″ 1 light 12″ x 10″

Cutting directions are on page 111.

I start with cutting my light fabric using a template (Tree Background) that I traced from page 50. I fold my light fabric in half, wrong sides together so that way with every cut

I get a left and a right side of my tree background

I cover the template with my ruler (4-1/2″ x 12-1/2″) by Creative Grids, it’s one of my personal favorites to protect the edges of my template as I cut.

You will cut enough for two trees. Don’t forget the little rectangle for the bottom.

From dark fabrics you will cut; 5 rectangles, 2 small squares,

and 1 tree using the Tree Template from page 52.

Arrange the blue rectangles in a column,

sew them together and press seam allowance in one direction.

Position tree template on top of your sewed rectangles.

Follow template and ruler edge to cut a tree out.

Your tree should look like this.

Lay out all your pieces.

Sew tree trunk square and rectangles together. Press seam allowance towards the blue.

position light background with tree.

I like to check my templates to see where the points need to match – remember to pin.

After sewing the right side, position the left side, pin and sew. I push my seam allowance towards the blue.

Add the tree trunk to the tree top to create the full tree.

Make two.

With these baby steps, you just made the Pine Tree blocks! If you need a little more help, you can watch this video on our YouTube channel.

I love making this block with my friends.

You never know, maybe you will plant a whole pine forest. Think out of the box, you can reverse the colors and your trees will be frozen in time. It’s a great quilt for Christmas in July.

I am so thankful you had time to stop by and quilt with me. See you next time!

Happy Quilting, Edyta

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